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In the past, I would often drive myself crazy looking for the ultimate solution to all things “healthy”. What is the newest protein source? What is the most efficient workout plan? Am I drinking too much or too little water? It can be daunting, the amount of information we come across on a daily basis promising the “next big thing” in the health and wellness industry. I would scour many sites in the hopes that I wouldn’t miss the holy grail of health and wellness. Only when I stopped focusing on what was trending and did what worked for me, did I start to see results and a difference in my overall health. I found that by educating myself with what others believe to be the healthiest or next big craze, I was able to adapt it to meet my needs and make it work for me rather than against me.

We are inundated with trending topics telling us what we should and shouldn’t be doing, often times conflicting with each other. I was searching for one place to check in that would do the legwork for me. A place that analyzed the latest health trends but also offered information from tried and true philosophies. That’s where My Simply Fit comes into focus. This blog aims to bring honest, simple, viewpoints on everything health-related. Content will span from topics such as the effectiveness of squats all the way to the importance of integrating chia seeds into our diet. MSF is a safe space that is created for the sheer purpose of inspiring, answering and asking all the health-related goodness you could dream up. Health can mean many things and in MSF life I constantly search for ways to keep my body, mind and soul in the best shape possible. I will bring the knowledge I have found throughout my health journey and continue to discover here in a stream-lined and accessible manner, simply fit.

Cheers to good health and the journey that comes with it.

Peace and love,


My Simply Fit

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