The Holy Trinity: Protein, Carbs & Fat

Carbs_Protein_Fat_Holy_Trinity.jpgHealthy eating. We all aim to do this by following what we perceive to be the “latest” healthy way to eat. Looking at past fad diets, the newest research and “musts” in nutrition can be overwhelming to say the least. If you are anything like me, taking the time to dissect every new health trend on a regular basis is not realistic. This is why I aim to take those “latest trends” with a grain of salt but stick to what I know and what has worked for me. This brings me to the “holy trinity”.

I promised to keep things simple and understandable. Simply put, the importance of P R O T E I N . C A R B S . and F A T is major. I like to refer to these 3 as the “holy trinity”. If your diet consists of these three things you are going to ensure that your blood sugar is stable (uber important) and you are giving your body adequate nutrients that will help propel you through your day.

Why is it important to keep your blood sugar stabilized? When insulin (a fat storage hormone) rises from eating sugary or heavily refined carbs, we are more likely to experience extreme highs and lows in energy and burn off the good for you energy and hold on to the not-so-good for you fat. If you are keeping your blood sugar consistent with little movement, you are able to effectively burn fat storage and take in nutrients that will help you complete tasks, focus on work, exercise at higher levels, and recover in the way your body is designed to do so.

You can equate the importance of the right amount of nutrients to the adequate amount of sleep your body needs. If you are not sleeping long enough you are not going to be able to perform the way you’d like to. The same is true for energy and fat being properly used. A good rule of thumb I try to use at every meal is 40% good carbs, 40% protein and 10% fat, with a chaser of fiber (fiber makes everything run smoothly if you know what I mean!). An example day of eating this way would look something like this:

Yogurt parfait- Greek yogurt (protein) layered with blueberries (good carbs), walnuts (fat) and ground flaxseed (fiber)
Salmon Salad- Salmon (protein) tossed with spinach (fiber), veggies (good carbs) and olive oil (fat)
Fried rice- Scrambled eggs (protein) mixed with veggies (good carbs), coconut oil (fat) and brown rice (fiber)
Apple w/ dip- Granny smith apple (good carbs/fiber) dipped in almond butter (protein/fat)

DSC_1660Keeping the holy trinity in mind next time you are planning a meal will ensure you are giving your body exactly what it needs to do whatever you have planned for the day. Being consistent with this will not only give you the benefit of lasting energy, but the body you imagine for yourself. Soon it will become second nature to eat this way and you won’t give it another thought.

Now go grab a handful of almonds, which has all three!



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