10 Ways to FIT it in

Time is hands down the most precious thing we have. You can have all the (insert material thing here) in the world, but without the time to enjoy it, you have nothing.

I’ve touched upon time before in relevance to stress, but here I am relaying it to fitness and how to maximize your fit time each and every day.

I have 10 things I choose to do daily that even if they are the only things I am able to squeeze in that day, I feel accomplished. Time is money in this post, so let’s dive right in shall we?


10 Ways to FIT it in

by mysimplyfit.com

  1. Park far away- no matter how fast the errand is, I choose to park in the furthest spot I can EVERY TIME. Each step you take matters, and parking far away prevents others from scratching your car!
  2. Take a walking break– every day at work, I take a 30 minute walking break. Work is busy, believe me I get it. There is NEVER an ideal time for me to take a break. However, getting my walking break in has never caused the world to end (or my work to cease existing).
  3. Wash by hand– this habit was created back when I lived alone in my apartment and didn’t want to waste tons of water washing minimal dishes. Now, I continue to do so because I feel the dishes get cleaner (I wash by hand then put in dishwasher sometimes) and I know every bit of elbow grease I put in is my body moving, which is always a plus!
  4. Choose to sweat– even if it’s a yoga class, running down the driveway to get mail, or chasing after my puppy, I aim to sweat (even one drop!) once a day.
  5. Fit with Fido– I can count on a “walk” either short or long at least once a day with my dog Finley. If you don’t have a furry friend, borrow one or go to a shelter and take a lucky fur ball for a stroll. Connecting with animals through exercise is one of the best ways to stay healthy. There is science behind it, take my word for it.
  6. Multi-task– I am constantly moving, and multi-tasking activities is a way to keep at it. Vacuum while you listen to a podcast, check emails why you stand and squat at the table & do sit-ups and push-ups at commercial breaks.
  7. Take the stairs-It is so simple yet yields major results. My husband and I even take the stairs at airports. Yes, you may have to lug a heavy bag with you, but that is extra calories burned and all you have left to do is sit on a plane for hours on end!
  8. Phone a friend– I use the excuse to gab as an excuse to move. When I have a few minutes in line, shopping or walking to do an errand, I call a friend or family member to catch up. Being distracted by the phone makes walking around a no brainer.
  9. Stand tall– I stand to do everything. I even have a standing desk at work, which can be extreme for some, but at least choosing to stand every 10 minutes or so gets your blood flowing and burns extra calories.
  10. Channel your inner chef-not only does cooking for yourself reduce stress; you are able to choose every single condiment used to prepare your food. There is no guessing if harmful oil or damage causing food was used in your meal, if you are the one making it, you know exactly what you are getting.

DSC_1679.jpgWhat ways do you FIT it in?

<3 Megan


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