Heavy May Be The Answer: A Look Into the Benefits of Lifting Heavy

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As always, I’m investigating the newest trends in the health and wellness world by researching and experimenting so you as the reader don’t have to do all the legwork (pun intended 🙂 ). So lets dive into the latest trend, lifting “heavy” and how it is currently taking over the fitness world.

I can’t listen to a podcast, take a fitness class, or read a magazine with out being bombarded with the newest fitness phenomenon, lifting heavy. So of course I had to look into it, and the results were fascinating.

First, what is lifting heavy? Lifting heavy is simply the act of doing low reps of high weight in proportion to your strength and ability. Why would you lift heavy? Lifting heavy has been shown to improve brain function, hormones, metabolic rate, and heart health.

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The idea is to workout smarter, not harder. Instead of doing hours upon hours of cardio, you do sets of lifting heavy weights a few times a week and get the results you are after, faster.

Top 5 Reasons to Lift Heavy

  1. Fat Loss. Muscle burns fat, so the more muscle in your body, the more fat you are burning
  2. Burn Fat NOT muscle. You will lose fat first and keep that hard earned muscle, which continues to burn fat. Otherwise you burn off the little muscle you develop from not lifting weights and become “skinny fat”
  3. Strong bones. By loading the body with heavy weights, bone osteoblasts occur, strengthening bone, tendons, collagen and ligaments which will protect your joints and structure as you age
  4. After-burn. While you are burning calories during the actual activity of weight lifting, you are burning calories up to 30 hours AFTER you train (unlike aerobic exercise)
  5. Confidence Boost. When you are lifting heavy you are experiencing not only your outer strength but inner strength grow. The confidence and self pride you develop is pretty amazing, and we are all due to love ourselves a little more.

I was sold after reading up on lifting heavy from a myriad of sources and hearing actual accounts from people I admire in the health and wellness industry. As it was a brand new thing to me, I went to a local gym and found a trainer to work with for 12 sessions, spread out over the course of a month.

I’m going to insert some advice here. Invest some time or energy into finding someone who will help you with your form, you may have to pay them if they are a professional, or make friends with a good samaritan at a gym that KNOWS what they’re doing.

Regardless, it is extremely important to know you are not causing your body any injury when attempting to lift heavy. This is true for any type of exercise, but especially for weight lifting because you can cause some serious damage if you don’t know what you’re doing.


My other piece of advice is to not get self-conscious. Attempting anything new can be intimidating and honestly I had butterflies going into my first session not knowing if I could handle it. But since my first session I have felt nothing but strength and confidence with each session I complete because it is always my best and I’m proud of the thought that I pushed myself and lifted HEAVY weights I never thought I could. Health is a journey and it is always eye-opening to see what direction your path takes you.

Be patient and sure in the fact you are doing something amazing for your body and mind, I have seen so many changes in these few weeks not only physically but in my inner strength.

Will you give lifting heavy a try? What makes you feel your strongest?

Happy lifting!

<3 Megan


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