Wellness Wednesday: Witches Brew, A Look Into Bone Broth

Bone broth-the name alone reminds me of a creepy nursery story I read when I was little. Which makes the topic of bone broth perfect for this Halloween-inspired week of posts.

Bone broth is nothing new but is a hot topic that is trending in the health and wellness field. There is a lot of back and forth when it comes to the benefits of eating meat vs. eating vegetarian, but there is a pretty consistent school of thought on the benefits of consuming bone broth because of the high level of nutrients found in the bones of animals.

DSC_1909.jpgThere isn’t much research negating the benefits of consuming bone broth and what I did find was more of a “he said, she said” on which types of bone broth were more nutritious (however, still agreeing on the fact that there is a high concentration of nutrients in most).

Maybe mom wasn’t too far off when she insisted on chicken soup when we stayed home sick. Read on to see the top 10 list I compiled of the benefits of bone broth and you can decide for yourself.dsc_1913

Top 10 Benefits of Bone Broth

  1. Anti-aging: bone broth is full of collagen, which screams anti-aging. Collagen helps your hair, skin and nails become shiny and plump!
  2. Energy boost: whether it’s the high amount of nutrients it feeds your cells to help your body work at it’s optimum, or the immunity support, many sources say an increase in energy is a bonus side effect
  3. Sleeping aide: sipping this brew gives you high amounts of glycine which aides in a better night’s sleep
  4. Improved memory: as stated above with sleep, the glycine found in bone broth helps improve memory
  5. Bone builder: phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium-all essential to help build strong bones, is slowly released from the bones and into the broth for absorption
  6. Joint care: a common joint-care supplement, glucosamine is found naturally in bone broth as well as chondroitin sulfate which has been shown to help prevent osteoarthritis
  7. Immune support: the high concentration of minerals (glutamine, cysteine, arginine) found in bone broth act as a superfood for your immunity
  8. Healthy gut: the gelatin found in bone broth helps seal up holes in the intestinal wall and has been found to aide in curing diarrhea, constipation, leaky gut syndrome and even some food intolerances
  9. Fights inflammation: studies show the amino acids in bone broth reduces inflammation (often times it’s prescribed post surgery to alleviate some of the inflammatory side affects)
  10. Economical: by using the entire animal and its parts (think chicken meat and the carcass for broth) you are cutting down on waste and spending less on supplements you may otherwise be purchasing

dividerA Simple Bone Broth Recipe

3 quarts of filtered water

2 lbs of fish heads and bones (fish heads alone are fine)

¼ cup raw, organic apple cider vinegar

Himalayan pink salt to taste

Place water and fish heads/bones in a 4 quart stockpot. Stir in vinegar while bringing the water to a gentle boil. As the water first begins to boil, skim off any foam that rises to the surface. It is important to remove this foam as it is impurities and can add potential off-putting flavors (yuck!). Reduce heat to a simmer for at least 4 hours (no more than 24 hours). Cool and then strain into containers, which should then be refrigerated. Anything you don’t consume in a week should be frozen.

Bottoms up!

dsc_1912What are your thoughts on this witchy brew? Have you noticed any positive results while incorporating it in your diet? Would love to hear!

Happy sipping,


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