Motivation Monday: October Wrap Up

For being such a long month (day-wise) this month flew for me. Whenever there is a holiday, planned activities or birthdays I feel the weeks fly by so fast and we’re on to the next month.

dsc_1937This month was important to me for two reasons 1) Launch of MSF plank-a-thon for October 2) Growth (both for the blog & personally)

In the theme of Monday Motivation I wanted to keep this post about what fed my spirit this month, planking for a cause, some festiveness for today’s holiday and a very fitting quote that rounds this month out perfectly.divider

MSF Breast Cancer Awareness Month Plank-a-thon

This was quite the challenge, and ironically not the actual physical part of the planks but keeping myself accountable and remembering to actually do it! Having a task this important to do each day really made me focus on being more present, less scattered and to SLOW DOWN because when I wasn’t, I would forget and end up doing a plank before bed in my PJs or in the kitchen while dinner cooked.

I raised shy of $400, averaging around 3 minutes a plank. I was impressed with my result as over $300 was my goal, but also impressed with my ability to stick with something for an entire month. Hopefully this inspires someone to do something in his or her own life (little or big) to show how impressive you can be. I am personally working on more self-love. It is incredibly difficult because women especially expect so much of themselves, taking on multiple roles and expecting to be perfect at each one. A pat on the back once in awhile is very restorative.divider

October 31st Halloween

This holiday is coming back around for me. When I was younger it was the most exciting thing to decide what persona you wanted to be and then get to be transformed into it for the night and get mounds of candy—my favorite thing then and if we’re being honest, still one of my favorite things.

Then came pre-teens, when it was a little awkward and uncool to dress up and trick-or-treat so there were lots of parties in parent’s basements, still some treats and festiveness but not as epic as trick or treating once was.

High school brought a stigma to dress up and take the holiday seriously, so just hanging with friends, watching scary movies and passing out candy to the neighborhood kids became the scene.

College was not about the holiday anymore as much as it was about how creative and clever you could be with your costume (and how to show the most skin-embarrassing, but you know it’s true) and where the biggest party was.

DSC_1939.jpgFinally, post-school and approaching my thirties I’ve really gotten a handle on the holiday and kept the right amount of nostalgia, festiveness and creative flare that has excited me in all the stages.

I love a great costume party, themed cocktails and food, spooky décor; I’m all about it. It’s fun to decorate the house, light pumpkin-scented candles and bake creative treats! I also like curling up on the coach to a classic Halloween themed movie, listening for the doorbell to ring so I can bring the trick-or-treaters their treats.

Whatever gets you in the spirit, I hope you found it and had an equally satisfying and safe holiday.

dividerTo end, I’d like to include a quote that is both motivational but for me wraps up October perfectly.

inspirational-and-motivational-quotes-of-the-day-pictures-026Happy Halloween!

<3 Megan


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  1. Love this post, Meg. Helps me remember how much those memories meant to you, and also to all of us who shared them with you. Warm , fun and happy times!💘😘🎃🍁🍂🕸👮👸🐝🐞

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