Wellness Wednesday: Got Milk?

I know I’m not alone in a world of dairy-sensitive people when being in constant search for the ideal non-dairy milk alternative. A few years ago I noticed that on days I did not consume dairy, my bloating and gaseous feeling in my stomach went away. Since then I make a point to consume alternative to dairy milk in my lattes or smoothies and try to stick with coconut or goat milk yogurt (which seems to be easier on my stomach). The only exception I give myself is the once in awhile indulgence of cheese, which I still try to keep within the variety of sheep or goat’s milk because it is gentler on my stomach.

DSC_1902.jpgI consider myself lucky that my condition is not as severe as some others can be and that there are now an overwhelming amount of options to cow’s milk. I say overwhelming because if you are in search of the “healthiest” option (as I am most of the time) it’s hard to weed out the misleadingly unhealthy versions and find what is truly the “healthiest”. I compare what I believe to be the most popular alternatives below and then give my opinion of what seems to be the healthiest version.

dividerscreen-shot-2016-11-01-at-7-08-34-pmdividerAfter researching some of these milk alternatives I came to the conclusion that depending on what you’re after (nutrient dense, low calorie, high protein) you could choose the alternative that works for you and stick to that.

However, having a variety of any food can be more beneficial due to the fact you are consuming a wider span of nutrients. Doing this also prevents you from consuming too much of one thing (i.e. soy) that may not agree with your body and its needs.

DSC_1906.jpgI tend to choose almond milk for most things because it is extremely versatile and seems to agree with my body the most. I have recently been incorporating more coconut milk due to the long list of nutritional benefits being boasted in the health and wellness industry lately.

So go out there, do some trial and error, see what works for you and your body. There is no right or wrong when it comes to milk choice and what works well for one person won’t necessarily work as well for others.

Raise a glass of whatever you’ve been loving lately and cheers to a healthy week ahead!

<3 Megan

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