Fit Friday: 3 Ways To Get Back On Track Post Holiday

Lets be honest. We took a few too many fun-size candy bars out of the trick-or-treater’s candy bowl, indulged in a couple extra ghoulish cocktails, and gave in to the festive holiday baked goods in the lounge at work. Whatever your poison, it’s not uncommon to indulge a little around the holidays.

The fact that we have these celebrations and do just that C E L E B R A T E once in a while should be just that, a celebration, an uncommon occurrence and we move on. I have to say letting go once in awhile from an otherwise pretty vanilla existence when it comes to my diet changes it up and gives me something to look forward to…and work off.

Now comes the fun part, getting things back into gear and amping up the diet and exercise game because in just a few short weeks we are at it again, celebrating thanks and spending time with loved ones.

dividerSo to get back on track I follow three simple things.

3 Simple Rules to Get Back on Track

  1. Move more: I start slow as to not overwhelm myself and quit right up front, but I begin adding things in to my daily or weekly routine. Add in an extra walk around the block, schedule one more workout for the week or even choose to take the long way or extra set of stairs at work. Whatever it is, commit to moving a little more for the next few weeks. You will feel SO much better.
  2. Eat whole foods: This takes a little more planning but has the biggest effect in my opinion. Cut out the processed, packaged food in your diet and get back to basics. Fresh produce, whole grains and lean protein. Keeping variety and a rainbow of colors in mind always helps too.
  3. Up your fluid intake: Take what you average on water intake and try to add at least half or double (tea counts too!). Beware, you will be excusing yourself to the restroom more than usual but I swear it feels as if you are flushing away the toxins faster and even if you aren’t, you are adding water to depleted areas of the body and making your skin and inside so very happy.

dividerSo there you have it. Three surefire ways to kickstart your detox from all those holiday extras and it won’t cost you any extra money or time if you plan for it. I am off to take the pup for a short walk before some quick meal prep for work tomorrow.

Looking forward to getting outside this weekend. What are your plans?



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