Motivation Monday: MindFULLness

To start the week off, I thought it would be appropriate to touch on a topic that has been coming up a lot lately. Mindfulness. It is a word that seems to keep appearing in conversations, articles I’ve been reading, and even a group that was created at work.

For those not familiar with mindfulness, it is simply the mental state of being aware and is something most look to achieve when looking to decrease stress, anxiety or unwanted habits.

dsc_1946To live mindfully takes practice and deliberate steps every single day and is something worth working toward if you are looking to live a peaceful existence.

In aligning with Monday Motivation and feeding our spirit side of health and wellness, I wanted to suggest 7 things you can implement this week to help you practice living a more mindful life. Living mindfully doesn’t need to be something difficult and should not add more stress, it should do the opposite actually.dsc_1947

7 Ways to Live More Mindfully

  1. Meditate- this can be perceived in different ways/forms, and there is no right or wrong way to do it. Even a simple breathing exercise or few minutes of reflection after a yoga class counts.
  2. Unplug- give yourself a time of day, day of the week or weekend a month where you literally unplug all electronics and are just present with yourself and those around you.
  3. Eat slow- choose one meal per day (at least!) where you actually sit at the table, fold a napkin on your lap, and do nothing but chew and taste your food.
  4. Go outside- each day I think it is UBER important to be in nature if only for a few minutes. Make a point to go outside, breathe fresh air, and just observe the habitat around you, we are animals after all and being inside cooped up all day isn’t natural.
  5. Stretch- this is something I have been neglecting lately and I have found impacting me in a negative way. Stretching daily increases blood flow, flexibility and prevents injury.
  6. Listen- whether it’s to the radio, podcast, family member or friend, just taking time to hear what is around you and not interrupt or respond can be therapeutic for both parties.
  7. Play- this may seem out of place, but it actually is the most important in my eyes. Choose an activity, painting, coloring, swinging on a swing, building a sand castle that brings you back in touch with your inner child. Trust me, this does wonder for your health and centers you in a very deliberate way.

dsc_1950So take something off your to do list, slow down and reap the benefits it will bring. Wishing you a very mindful week



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