Wellness Wednesday: Power of Positivity

As I write this post, the election is coming to an end and the polls will soon be closed in California. No matter your position, this election has been highly emotional and controversial for all.img_8129

It’s hard for me to watch others put one another down based on their beliefs and differences (especially at a time when we need to come together and make a plan for our future). It seems we are more divided than ever.

This realization inspired me to look into the power of positivity and if there is more to visualizing the change you want.

dividerI found this great article in the Huffington Post that references the negative we see in the media and how different our days would be if we focused more on the positive.

Something that stood out to me from the article was the quote, “there are always more people doing good than those committing harm”.

At first I had to think about this because if you go based on media coverage alone, you may think differently. Then I started thinking of all the actions I see happening throughout the day: Someone holding a door open for a stranger, a person going out of their way to pick up trash, a teacher staying late to show their student a solution, there are small acts of kindness happening every day that we don’t even realize.

The world is not entirely negative and unfair, it’s just the exception to the norm that stands out and makes us uneasy and take notice. If we began seeing acts of kindness headlining the news stations, that would be worrisome, because it would mean these are rare occurrences.

For this wellness Wednesday I wanted to outline 3 simple ways to be more positive and contribute to a healthier, happy, more positive you. Instead of focusing on the negative, we need to remember and celebrate the positive.

3 Ways to Be More Positive

  1. Self-love- this is the most important in my opinion because without loving yourself, you have no room to give love to others. The cliché saying “talk to yourself like you would talk to your best friend” is a good place to start. Clear out the self doubt and pressure you put on yourself and build yourself up, celebrating every little victory you achieve because YOU are doing a great job and no other opinion matters more than yours.
  2. Stop Judging-hang up your white wig and black cloak and take a break from the courtroom. No good comes out of passing judgement on others. For one, no one understands someone’s own story more than them. How something looks on the outside can be seriously misconstrued from what is actually happening in that person’s life. Giving one another a break and spreading joy and happiness is much more powerful than negative, unproductive judgement.
  3. Celebrate Everything-waking up each morning with air in your lungs and thoughts in your mind is a gift. Sometimes we forget the small things such as simply existing and being able to be a part of this world and live in the here and now. Whenever I get a bad cold or suffer an injury I get the opportunity to feel what it’s like (on a small scale) to not be operating at my optimal health and I am filled with gratitude for my health and normal existence. Don’t save that champagne toast for a holiday or dessert for the weekend, celebrate NOW.

Once you begin implementing more positive changes in your day to day you will see the benefit it brings in all aspects of your life. With every act of positivity we get closer to the greater cause, unity. Because that is truly what is going to heal this world and help us to come back together and make this life full for all.

Wishing you a happy rest of your week and POSITIVE vibes,

<3 Megan

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