Fit Friday: HITT It

In keeping with the theme of preparation for the upcoming holiday season, I wanted to include something active for this Fit Friday that you can do anywhere. Whether we’re traveling or having company stay with us, our normal routines are affected and we can easily get derailed from our health and fitness goals.

Instead of waiting for the guests to clear out or using the excuse of not having your typical gym nearby, I’ve included my go-to HITT workouts that I count on when I’m traveling or crunched for time when having guests stay. I even did this a few times a week in the hotel room/gym on my honeymoon 😉

Enjoying a Moringa-tumeric smoothie post doing my HITT workout

I’ve included the workouts below, so if you’re read-up on HITT and don’t need the background, feel free to skip ahead. If not, I wanted to include some background on the type of exercise and why I believe it’s FITting for quick workouts when you want to burn more in less time.

dividerHITT stands for high intensity interval training and has gained popularity in group classes and exercise programs because it keeps your heart rate up and burns more calories in a shorter amount of time. The idea is to go at an all out pace for 30 seconds to 1 minute and then have a 20-30 second resting or active recovery until your next burst.

Personally, I have found the interval training involved in HITT helps me with stress and anxiety, and I often turn to a quick treadmill workout with intervals if I need to let out some stress and feel accomplished and recharged.

MSF Power Green Moringa Smoothie w/ added tumeric

MSF 20 Minute HITT Workout

*you can do this anywhere, even your hotel room

10 burpees

20 squats

20 skater lunges (10 each leg)

10 spider push-ups

Complete the circuit as many times as possible in 5 minutes, rest 1-2 minutes then repeat 2 more times

MSF 20 HITT Treadmill Workout

*you can do this in any hotel gym or even outside

1-5 minutes: Warm up with a jog at 6-7 mph

5-15 minutes: Begin intervals, 1 minute push at 9-10 mph then 30 second recovery at 7 mph recovery (repeat)

15-20 minutes: Cool down with a light jog at 5-6 mph or inclined power walk at 4-5 mph with a 9+ incline

dividerAs with anything, it’s all about balance. Don’t stress yourself out if you miss a workout during the holiday season because chances are you are missing it so you are able to do something else that feeds your mind, body or spirit. I go into a vacation week with my family knowing it won’t be typical and fit into my standard routine but I don’t sweat it because it’s way more meaningful to take a long walk and catch up with my Mom or go to the park to play with my nephew and nieces.

You will not remember the workouts you miss or the smoothies you didn’t make, but you will remember that time spent in the kitchen baking your grandmother’s cookie recipe or sitting around the fire trading stories of nostalgia. dividerIf you’re pressed for time or want to feel better about that extra piece of pumpkin pie, try a little  HITT workout this week and ENJOY your time with family and friends.

Have you found any HITT workouts that you enjoy? I’d love to hear!

<3 Megan


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