Motivation Monday: THANKSgiving

This holiday could not be coming at a better time. With the aftermath of the election being so negative and segregating, I feel a day devoted to being thankful and being around those we love is just what the country needs.

When looking at gratitude, you can easily apply it to health and wellness, specifically mindfulness and being gracious for all your body does for you on a daily basis. One can also look at being grateful for those around you and the energy you receive from all beings and surroundings.

dsc_2004I find when I am frustrated, irritable and finding things to complain about, the one thing that allows me to snap out of it and gain perspective is gratitude. I begin listing the things I am grateful for and soon enough I am so full of appreciation and thankfulness for what I have in life that I no longer have room for negative thoughts such as jealousy or resentment.

If we could all stop and think about the words we are choosing to say to one another and the actions we are taking that we may end up regretting, the pain and disappointment some feel may begin to dissipate and true healing can begin. We are stronger together and should choose acceptance and compromise over disdain and segregation.

dsc_2006When your life is full of love and gratitude for yourself and those around you, your inner and outer self become whole and harmoniously work towards a healthier and happier you. So for this Motivation Monday and the week ahead, begin to think of ways you can incorporate more thankfulness and gratitude in your days. If we all spread this mission to those around us we can all begin to come together again, no matter what our differences and opinions may be, and once again be the vibrant, diverse and proud country we are.

dividerI am thankful this Thanksgiving for many reasons and I can’t help but feel full of gratitude when I begin to think of all my blessings including my family, friends and this life I am living and learning from every single day.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? I would love to hear!

With a peaceful & grateful <3


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