Motivation Monday: 3 Secrets Every Successful Person Knows

It’s unbelievable to me how fast this year is flying. I feel like it was summer and then blink here we are getting ready for winter holidays and New Years. I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed after Thanksgiving because I feel like each year the rush to get things “together” for the holidays just gets closer and closer. Christmas music is playing before Halloween and we’re receiving holiday cards and festive invites before we sit down for turkey. Is it just me?

I just need a minute.

Literally just need to take a breath and enjoy each day as it comes because if I don’t, I find I’m missing everything. Thanksgiving and Christmas (for me) are both about gratitude, family and friends, and I try to make a point to spend my time on each, especially around the holidays.

Anyways, what does this have to do with Motivation Monday? Well when I was looking to the week ahead I was beginning to feel overwhelmed. There is a lot I want to “get done” before all the festiveness begins and I get lost in the holiday cheer. To compartmentalize and ease my mind, I sat down and strategized the month and what I want to achieve. This little planning session led me to the inspiration for this post.dsc_2001

What makes a successful _____ successful? Once I started an outline of who I felt was successful I began to see a common thread. And since I think everyone could use a little help in the success department, depending on what that means to you, I thought I’d share what I found.divider

3 Secrets Every Successful Person Knows

  1. Time management– this is tough to truly conquer and if there is someone out there that has, I would love to salute you and then pick your brain over coffee. Planning out your day can not only make your work and tasks efficient, but for me it takes the pressure off for me to think so much. If I have my day laid out on a calendar or to-do list, I just go through the list and appointments without much thought and feel very accomplished if I make it through it all. Successful people know when to say WHEN, and leave time for play—always.
  2. Network– no one does anything entirely on his or her own. Yes, there are many talented people out there that we could argue paved their own way, however there was as point along the way they asked for help or received some guidance that took their success to another level. This took me awhile to grasp, and I am still learning how to do it. It can be quite simple though, find others that either do what you do or know others that do and bounce ideas off of them, ask for advice and remember to give them something in return (it doesn’t have to be big, just a handwritten note is appropriate sometimes).
  3. Strategize– this one in my opinion can be the most fun. I am big on vision boards. If you haven’t done one, I highly recommend it. One afternoon, grab a bunch of magazines, lay them all over the floor and start ripping out what speaks to you. If you didn’t have a clear goal in mind you may start to see one take form. Put the board someplace you see everyday and watch how your life begins to have more purpose. It’s astonishing how easy it is to do and what a large impact it can have. I’ve read many books, spoken to those I look up to and seen many powerful people in a variety of careers doing this which leads me to believe it works!

dsc_2002There you have it, three secrets that may just be the game changer you needed to be a boss in 2017 😉

What secrets to success have you learned or tried? Would love to share the wealth!



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