Motivation Monday: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

This past weekend I was completely wrapped up in the spirit of the season, doing some holiday shopping, decorating our house and planning out the rest of the month and the festive events it entails.

There are many reasons this time of year gets us in the spirit of giving back to those in need but I feel a large part of it can be attributed to all the gift giving we are doing amongst ourselves–and we wouldn’t feel right about indulging in this much cheer if not everyone was included.

For me, giving back is not completely self-less. I gain much more from giving to others than I do from receiving. It may sound like an oxymoron but it’s actually something I am very passionate about.

This inspired me to do a post to kick off this week and the holiday season with a list of easy ways to give back this time of year. Giving back feeds the spirit portion of your health and it may surprise you how amazing you feel physically, mentally and spiritually once you get going.divider

10 Easy Ways To Give Back And Feed Your Soul

  1. Snip & Clip: Tis the season for holiday deals and sales, next time you’re perusing the flyers in your mailbox, sifting through the coupons you’ve saved but never use, do a little deal shopping and pick up some extra steals to donate to those in need
  2. Lend a hand: Instead of scheduling that pedicure or picking up the magazine on your side table, head out to a charity of your choice and donate your time. Volunteers are invaluable for the number of causes going on this time of year. Stocking shelves at shelters, hanging flyers for fundraisers or organizing donation items are just some of the things you lend a hand with
  3. Buy 1 get 1: There are tons of buy 1 get 1 deals in the grocery stores around the holidays and especially so for canned or boxed food items. Pick up a few extra of whatever you’re already buying and donate them to a local food bank.
  4. Serve up: Grab a spoon or spatula and help serve the hot meals shelters and organizations give to the homeless in your city or county
  5. Pen to paper: there are many charities you can go through to find someone who is struggling and needs a friend. Being a pen pal can be one of the simplest yet crucial ways to give back. Reach out and see how powerful this can be for both of you
  6. Buddy up: Although there is a lot going on for some, others may be especially lonely this time of year. Visit a local nursing home and play cards, bring some crafts or coloring books or just lend an ear and some conversation to someone who may not have anyone
  7. Furry friends: humans aren’t the only ones in need, don’t forget about all the fur babies in shelters. When the temps drop, the times these pups get out for a walk or play is considerably less. Visit a local animal shelter and take Fido for a walk or game of catch that will benefit you both
  8. Big brother, big sister: whether you choose to go through an organization or do it on your own, giving your time to mentor someone younger is an invaluable and selfless gift
  9. Have half: especially in restaurants, we are consuming way more than we need. The next time your entrée comes to the table, immediately have half boxed up before you begin eating. After dinner, bring that half so someone who may not get a meal that night
  10. Trash picker: there is no shortage of trash no matter where you live. Whether it’s a beach, park, or side of the highway, grab some gloves (trash picker optional) maybe even some friends and designate an afternoon or morning to picking up the trash and recycling we so carelessly leave around this beautiful place

dividerWhatever your jam may be, there is a way you can give back and not only have fun doing so but feel the affects of truly being fulfilled and living with purpose. Once we look at the true struggles and issues others less fortunate face, it may begin to make our own concerns and worries feel insignificant. Tis the season to be jolly afterall!

If you have things you do to give back I’d love to hear!



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