Fit Friday: Festive Pomegranate Bark

dsc_1869Holiday season is in full swing and I could not be more in the spirit! I am indulging in the festiveness this time of year brings in a BIG way. I found myself indulging a little too much this week with all the treats and gifts coming through our home and at work.

To ensure I don’t go too far off the deep end, I am keeping up with my regular workouts and making a plan to meal prep and prepare some things that satisfy my cravings that I know are nutritious too.

dsc_1876The most important thing to remember around the holidays is to not make such a big deal or beat yourself up over the foods you don’t always have. Giving these foods power over you by labeling them “bad” or off limits will only make you want them more and indulge later. Pick up the brownie, enjoy every bite and move on.

With that said. It is always a good idea to set yourself up for success by bringing healthy options to your gathering to balance out the not so healthy options and whenever possible pack in as many superfoods and nutrient-dense foods where you can.

dsc_1878When I am making something “indulgent” I like to feel good about it. I pack greens and veggies into smoothies, seeds and superfoods into baked goods and anything I deem nutritious into desserts and treats.

When looking to bring something festive to a holiday gathering, I immediately go to seasonal ingredients and what is more festive and seasonal this time of year than pomegranates?

dsc_1872It doesn’t hurt that pomegranates are loaded with healthy goodness such as fiber, vitamins K, C, B6, folate and even the minerals copper, magnesium and potassium.

There are endless possibilities to incorporate pomegranates into your festive spreads including; salads, grain dishes (quinoa, faro, rice), baked goods or even as a topping on yogurt. I have included a go-to of mine when I am feeling like I need something sweet around the house or want to throw something together to bring to a party.

dsc_1881dividerMy Simply Fit Pomegranate Bark


½ chopped raw unsalted almonds (can sub any nut-pistachios would be great in this)

1 c fresh, organic pomegranate seeds

1 ½ c dark cacao chips (or any chocolate chip)

1 TBL coconut oil


Prepare pomegranate by cutting fruit in half, working with one half at a time place in large bowl of water and pop out seeds, drain water so seeds remain, repeat. Melt chocolate on a double boiler, slowly stirring in coconut oil until smooth and glossy. Pour melted chocolate on prepared cookie sheet with wax paper or Silpat liner. Spread evenly with spatula until desired thickness is achieved. Sprinkle chopped nuts and pomegranate seeds over chocolate. Place in freezer to set for 30 minutes. Take out and break into different sized pieces.


Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Enjoy!


What do you like to incorporate in your holiday dishes? I’d love to hear!

<3 Megan

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