Motivation Monday: HoliDAZE

I aim to keep the posts this week short and straight to the point. Not because I’m uninspired or don’t have much to say (ha!) but more because I’m positive I’m not alone in feeling the pressure of the season and am down to the wire for holiday shopping and prep for this week’s festivities. I’d like my info/reading straight up-no chaser this week. You too?

To keep focused and motivated this week I thought it would be fitting to include some motivational material to help rock out this week so we can get all our to-do lists complete and enjoy time with family and friends.divider

5 Things To Remember To Keep You Sane & Inspired

  1. You can’t be everywhere-unfortunately we aren’t able to send a clone to attend engagements/appointements in our place so for now we need to accept that choosing one thing and being present for it matters more than trying to squeeze in multiple events/appointments where you’re just thinking about the next thing
  2. You can’t be everyone-I’ve talked about choosing one or two personas at one time in previous posts (wife and co-worker, mother and friend, etc. ) if you try to do too much at once and superwoman too often, you will get burned out before the real fun begins
  3. Pause-the one thing we can’t get back is time. Being in the moment and remembering things as they are (scents, scenery, feelings) matters more than the photo or Instagram photo you were able to capture, put down the camera
  4. Self care-if you aren’t 100% than no one is going to benefit. Make sure you are taking time to recharge and reset when you’re body is signaling you to do so. Otherwise you will not be available to everyone else and combust at an inopportune time
  5. Quality not quantity-it’s not the amount you give or the amount but the thought and intention behind it all that means the most. Instead of go-to gifts, think outside yourself and really hone in on what would lift your family and friends spirit and make you feel good in the processdivider

If you have those five things under control, you’ve got this week handled already.

dsc_2051Oh and to really nail in where I’m at this year, this is an attempt at a Christmas card photo we took this past weekend. We have only just ordered them and are crossing all fingers and toes they come in the next few days so we can get them out to our loved ones! 🙂

Happy holidays to you and yours and looking forward to sharing some healthy tips and recipes this week to match this season!



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