Motivation Monday: R&R To Slim

With the New Year approaching and the time off I’ve had for the holidays there’s been plenty of time to reflect on this past year and more importantly on what I plan for the upcoming one.

Starting this blog has been more than a creative outlet for me, it’s almost therapeutic and with content research I feel like I’ve been learning a ton and been given an excuse to learn more about the things I’m interested in.

dsc_2078While I don’t plan on slowing down with content about health and wellness, I will say all trending diet and claims I’ve covered thus far inspired me to set an intention for the New Year and write this post.

I plan to do away with any restrictive eating, activity, mindset, etc. in the New Year.

Why? Because the one certainty I’ve found about dieting is-the more you restrict, count, and even think about your diet or losing weight, the further you are setting yourself back.

This concept can be extremely difficult for people to grasp because control is a tough thing to let go of. I’ve seen dieting backfire for family, friends and even myself because any diet that restricts or portrays food as good, bad or off-limits sets you up for failure.

The problem with restriction is when you re-introduce that food into your diet again (especially a trigger food) you will binge or even worse, view food in a negative way and begin to create an unhealthy relationship with food.

Here’s my simply fit trick for you to stay slim in 2017… incorporate a little R&R into your life.

dividerStress is the one thing that can wreak havoc on anyone’s health and it doesn’t discriminate between gender, race, or age. Once you learn to let things go, take one day at a time, and make confident choices that reflect what you need in that moment, you will begin to see the changes you wish for inside and out.

Reset, rejuvenate, replenish, relax-whatever you have to do to give yourself a break and not worry so much. There is plenty of time to implement little changes into your lifestyle that will make this the healthiest year yet.

dsc_2079I am in no way an expert on this concept as this is still a work in progress for me. Like I said before, letting go of control is HARD. I am continually working on this but I do think I’ve made some progress on learning to let go and not place energy and focus on insignificant and negative things-doing so is just an invitation for stress and early signs of aging (no thank you!).

I plan to age gracefully and peacefully-starting with an afternoon on the couch coloring, drinking tea and giving my body the rest it’s been asking for after all the hustle and bustle of this past weekend.

dsc_2083Cheers to the healthiest year yet as we embark on this exciting endeavor together <3

XO Megan

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