Wellness Wednesday: Detox To Retox w/ Charcoal

With one holiday over and another on the horizon there’s one word I’ve been focusing on this week: DETOX. After consuming more than I usually do (especially in the cocktail department) I am in need of some serious detoxing before we pop another cork this weekend.

dsc_2089The recent buzzword for detoxing in the health and wellness circuit has been activated charcoal. I first saw it used in a drink on a trip to DC a few years ago. I went to a juice bar looking for something to help with jet-lag and jump start my system and the sales associate suggested a ginger/lemon juice with activated charcoal. I was hesitant at first because I never saw charcoal used in this way (the color of the juice was black!), but took a chance and actually felt much better after I finished the juice.

It took some getting used to and I have to admit the color was the hardest thing to get passed, but after awhile I didn’t notice it as much and the energizing effect I felt outweighed any trepidation I had earlier.

dsc_2088Fast forward to today and I’ve been seeing activated charcoal in soaps, face masks, toothpaste, pumice stones, you name it. I recently picked up a mask from Origins (not sponsored just love the product) and after using it felt inspired to spread the love about this unique ingredient.

After doing a little digging about charcoal, I condensed what I found in a top 10 list to keep it simple.divider

Top 10 Uses for Activated Charcoal

  1. Water filtration-probably the most common use most have heard of is water filtration systems using charcoal in their filters to trap impurities
  2. Treats hangovers-activated charcoal assists in helping cure hangovers at a faster rate because it attacks the toxins in the body more quickly than we do naturally
  3. Whitens teeth-when done correctly, activated charcoal works to absorb the plague and tiny particles in our mouth that cause stains on teeth
  4. Reduces high cholesterol-studies show participants who took activated charcoal had their bad cholesterol levels lower as much as 25% over a four week study
  5. Alleviates gas and bloating-charcoal binds the gas-causing byproducts in foods that cause discomfort and flushes it out of our system with the help of drinking plenty of water afterwards
  6. Fights mold-effective in trapping mold spores and ridding the body inside and out of any potential harmful effects caused by mold
  7. Removes toxins-the uses of charcoal for ridding the body of toxins is extensive. It can help with drug overdoses, poisonous chemical consumption, food poisoning or any other toxin you need to rid your body of
  8. Purifies skin-activated charcoal draws out impurities so is beneficial when treating acne, insect bites or anything else you want removed from your skin and pores
  9. Anti-aging-charcoal helps alleviate major aging signs as it removes toxins and leaves room for elevated cognitive function, decreased brain fog, healthier liver and kidney function and a healthier digestive tract
  10. Internal cleanser-removes toxins from our system beginning with the digestive tract and in turn increases energy levels and mental function while also reducing joint pain

dividerAs you can see, there is a pretty impressive list of improvements activated charcoal can help with. I can only attest to the use of it in juices and face masks but I do plan on incorporating it in other ways to see if I can reap some of these other benefits.

Have you tried charcoal? Would love to hear some creative uses 🙂

<3 Megan

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