Fit Friday: Raise A Glass to 2016!

It’s actually here, the last few days of 2016 are upon us and a New year is on the horizon. I am a big fan of New Years. This could be due to the fact there is a high volume of sparkly things and corks of bubbly popping everywhere or because I love an excuse to reflect and reset. Either way I love it and look forward to it.

Instead of mourning the loss of this past year and commenting on how fast it flew by, I like to relish in all that has happened and look forward to an even better year ahead. Don’t we do better once we pick up a few tricks along the way, learn from our mistakes and find what we really enjoy?

dsc_2090I think it is common to be cautious of change and to fear the unknown- but if you look at change as exciting and a chance to make things even better, do more of what you like and make the changes you wish to make—I think change could start to be something wonderful and possibly even something we look forward to.

I thought it would be fitting for this Fit Friday post to include a MSF cocktail to toast this wonderful year passed and exciting one ahead.

Before we delve into the recipe I wanted to include some helpful tips to keep in mind when looking to keep cocktails on the lighter and fit side.

  1. Choose clear, quality liquor-For vodka I prefer Titos and tequila I prefer Casamigos. It can make the difference in the taste of your cocktail as well as how you’re feeling the morning after

  2. Always measure-I use a shot glass to measure out my alcohol not only to watch calories in but also to keep an eye on the amount I’m consuming (I know I can handle 1-3 shots and not feel the affects the morning after)

  3. Include bubbles-adding club soda or bubbly water to a drink adds volume and extra hydration without calories or dehydrating alternatives

  4. Pass on rims-think of salt and sugar rims as hidden calories, not worth the time or effort and certainly not the calories

  5. Sugar-free– I try to keep my sugar intake to a minimum if not for my waistline for the hangover. Sugary drinks are a one way ticket to a hangover so I try to avoid anything with added sugar

  6. Up the citrus-the benefits of consuming citrus are endless (I need to do a post!) some that apply here are they are; hydrating, help digestion and boost metabolism

If I had to choose one liquor to make cocktails with it would be tequila, no question. Tequila has some pretty amazing benefits and I have yet to come across a “healthier” liquor.

For one, it aides in digestion which is always a good thing for weight-loss and keeps bloating to a minimum. It also contains agavins (a type of sugar from the agave plant) which are not stored as fat like the sugar found in other alcohols but instead keep blood sugar levels stable. Lastly, it helps dissolve fat we already store and may even boost metabolism (!?). Of course the amount and quality you consume is also important. It needs to be 100% agave tequila and only consuming 1-2 shots at one sitting is recommended for optimal health benefits.

I’ve included the recipe for MSF Pomegranate Sparkler below, it has the perfect balance of citrus, bubbles and a kick from the tequila without too much sweetness. If you MUST have yours on the sweeter side, you can always add a little agave.

dividerMy Simply Fit Pomegranate Sparkler


2 oz. freshly squeezed lime juice

4 oz. blanco tequila (I like Casamigos)

2 oz. sparkling water (I used Perrier)

champagne to top off (split bottles are perfect for this)


pomegranate seeds for garnish


In shaker, place lime juice, tequila and ice. Shake for 20 seconds and strain evenly into two champagne flutes. Fill each flute with 1/3 sparkling water and top with champagne. Drop pomegranate seeds in glasses and watch them dance to the top of the bubbles. So festive and light it’s all you’ll be drinking this New Years Eve. Cheers!


Now that you have your cocktail ready, raise a glass as we reflect fondly on the past and smile broadly at the future. Cheers my friends, it’s going to be a sparkly and exciting 2017!



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  1. Cheers Meg! Can’t wait to try this drink! Even if it’s before midnight!
    Keep going, can’t wait to see what 2017 brings from you!!! 👍🎉🍾

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