Motivation Monday: Set An Intention For 2017

glowing-Happy-New-Year-images-1024x683.jpgHappy New Year! It’s a great feeling to have a clean slate, so much to look forward to and a chance to make this THE year. As I mentioned before, I am a big fan of New Years and also of resolutions. I know it is common to protest resolutions and many think you should be doing them all year long, not set yourself up for disappointment, etc. etc.

But, I feel differently.

I think it’s a great way to hold yourself accountable, an excuse to test your limits and a time you can feel a camaraderie of sorts as we are all in this together.

If you haven’t thought of a resolution for 2017 yet, I hope this post may just ignite something in you. I like to consider three things when making a resolution for the year.

  1. Something to better myself

  2. Something to better someone else

  3. Something to challenge me

For my resolutions this year, I chose to better myself by getting 8-9 hours of sleep every night. I know this makes a difference in my health, the way I interact with others and what I am able to accomplish in a day. Committing to getting into bed earlier will be a way of bettering myself and putting my health first.

DSC_2096.jpgI also chose to give more attention to Finley, my fur baby. My husband’s schedule at work has changed and he is not home during the day like he was when we first got our puppy. I have been feeling guilty for the little guy because his walks and the attention we were able to give him before has been less than he’s used to. Waking up a little earlier, coming home right after work or whatever it takes to squeeze in more walks for him will make his life better and in a way mine as well.

DSC_2097.jpgLastly, I am choosing to challenge myself by starting a project that absolutely terrifies me. It has something to do with this blog and more details will come as we get closer. For now all I can say is putting yourself out there, feeling vulnerable, or asking others to trust in your value can all be ways of challenging yourself.

dividerSo whatever it may be, I hope you can take away some inspiration for your own resolution this year if you choose to make one. Big or small, making a promise to YOUrself and seeing it through can be a pretty powerful thing.

I wish you all the joy, health and success this year has to offer and look forward to continuing our health journey together.



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