Wellness Wednesday: Rosehip Oil

While it’s exciting to try out new products that make our lives easier or more efficient, it’s always refreshing to go back to the basics that have been tried and true.

I’ve become familiar with using different oils on my skin and specifically my face these past few years and I believe it’s one of the best tricks I learned along my health and wellness journey. I love it not only for the results it yields but because it can be affordable, 100% natural, and used on anyone for a variety of issues.

dsc_2032To keep it simple, I will concentrate on the most recent oil I’ve been using (specifically on my face) because it’s what I’ve seen the most change with and therefore believe strongly in.

Rosehip oil.

You probably have seen rosehip oil used in a variety of beauty products because it’s not anything new. It’s actually been used around the world for centuries and has a reputation for its many healing qualities for good reason.

dividerLet me summarize some of the most interesting benefits with a top 5 list.

Top 5 Benefits of Rosehip Oil

  1. Fights wrinkles-antioxidants like lycopene help prevent premature aging by fighting free radicals
  2. Protects against the sun-vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids help screen some of the damage sun can do to our skin
  3. Evens skin tone-contains vitamin C which brightens and improves pigmentation to help even out skin tone
  4. Diminishes scars-essential fatty acids help repair and regenerate damaged skin
  5. Moisturizes-a natural source of vitamin E which helps keep skin moisturized

dsc_2031From personal experience, I can tell you this oil is light and absorbs rather quickly and is the one thing that has truly changed the hydration of my skin. I have seen a difference in my skin tone and hope to see the anti-aging benefits in a few years when my laugh lines and forehead wrinkles do not increase 😉

dividerIf you’d like to try rosehip oil I highly recommend doing a little research on the brands you are looking at and look for organic and cold-pressed options if possible.

Do you have any natural beauty tips you want to share for the New Year? I would love to hear!

<3 Megan

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