Fit Friday: Simple Ways To Stay Simply Fit

Happy Friday! We made it through the first week of the New Year! Whether you’re still recovering from the holidays, in full swing of your resolutions or just simply kicking it into high gear this week-it’s an accomplishment to get to the other side and still remain inspired.

IMG_7856.jpgTo gain traction on our resolutions or simply make this year about efficiency and living a healthy existence more accessible, I compiled a list of go-to ways I fit in exercise that I use when I’m strapped for time, can’t make a class or want a little extra that day.divider

-YouTube-I can’t say enough about YouTube. It has been a standard of mine that I use as recently as January 1st when I committed to a challenge put on by the yoga channel I subscribe to. It’s a 30-day yoga program where you can watch FOR FREE (unless you choose to donate) and practice 30 minutes-1 hour of yoga everyday for a month. I chose to start this in January for the sole purpose of grounding myself in the new year and working on slowing down my mind and incorporating time for myself. I love it and so can you because YouTube is endless with the variety of free workouts it offers. Search the endless opportunities and find one for yourself.

-Internet-The Internet is a great resource for exercise and is truly the secret weapon to all things health and wellness. There is so much material out there to research and you are pretty much guaranteed to find something you’re into. Interested in Tai Chi? There are countless forums, articles and even meet-up groups that are absolutely free related to Tai Chi. Want to learn how to make veggie noodles, hold a proper plank, make all natural soap? Google it!

-Subscriptions-along the lines of YouTube, there are specific companies that offer a subscription service that will do everything from share healthy recipes, daily workouts, motivation and provide a space where people can connect with each other about their workouts and diet. These are helpful for those looking for that extra motivation and for a sense of belonging. You pay a monthly fee for membership and can usually access the service on your smart TV, computer, or any hand-held device.

-DVDs-before you scroll down, hear me out! I know DVDs are becoming something of the past, but they can be the perfect thing to get you inspired and put a kibosh on any excuse you try to come up with. Amazon is a great place to get discounted workout DVDs that are basically a steal for what they charge. Jillian Michaels and Tracy Anderson DVDs were my life when I was in college. I had limited space and funds and just needed to get the job done. They are effective and motivating because they don’t take hours to do and are convenient with no commute time. Try squeezing one in before or after work in the privacy of your living room, you’ll be hooked!

-Community forums-whether it’s your local library, park, school, or community center I’m positive there are flyers, newspaper ads or postings online that are advertising some kind of activity in your community. I see outside yoga, running clubs, group hikes, etc. posted all over the juice bars and coffee shops in my neighborhood. Get out of your comfort zone, and join in on one or two. What do you have to lose? Literally nothing if the cost is free (which it usually is unless you choose to donate).

dividerThis weekend is a perfect time to explore some new ways to stay simply fit and they don’t have to cost you anything, which may just be the best part.

What new way are you looking to stay healthy in 2017?

<3 Megan

At home pilates sesh with the cutest support group 🙂

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