Fit Friday: Stay In the Orange, A Review of OTF

Happy Friday, happy first full moon, happy Friday the 13th, happy long-weekend…there’s so much to be excited about heading into a three-day weekend! It has been raining like crazy here in Southern CA, which has been a welcomed change since we need the water and it’s forcing everyone to be inside all cozy and rockin’ actual winter-weather clothes.

For someone who loves to stay active outside and take advantage of all our sunny days here in San Diego, it’s taken some getting used to trying to exert my energy and stay on top of my fitness regime.

img_7461I thought this may be a perfect post to begin my Fit Friday reviews, where I outline a workout I’ve tried and enjoyed. I try a new workout weekly, so I have quite the rolodex of workouts and studios.

First of all, if you are like me and get bored doing repetitive exercises or routines I highly suggest enrolling in a monthly subscription such as Class Pass.

I am not sponsored by Class Pass, just a huge fan of the concept.

You pay a flat rate to be a member of Class Pass and then you are able to utilize an assortment of workout studios in your city (frequency depends on your membership). I take yoga, barre, Pilates, reformer, boot camps, kickboxing, stand up paddle boarding, spin, the list is pretty extensive. The variety keeps me on my toes and I can tailor my workout to how I’m feeling on that particular day.

There are some studios that are not part of Class Pass where I spend extra to buy packages because I just can’t give them up. One of these I will start with my first review, Orange Theory Fitness. Again, this is not sponsored just my opinion and something I really enjoy.

dividerOrange Theory Fitness is an interesting model because you are set up with a heart rate monitor which tracks your individual workout on flat-screens displayed around the room. The workout is usually split up into two blocks, one on the floor doing weighted exercises and one on the treadmill doing a treadmill workout. If you’re not a fan of the treadmill you can opt for a bike or rowing machine and you are encouraged to add or subtract anything to meet your specific fitness needs.


Interval training (similar to a boot camp)


There are four zones that your heart rate put you in, all are color-coded and show up on the screen so you can track where you are throughout the workout. You aim for at least 12 splash points in the orange and red zones combined to trigger an after-burn (continuing to burn calories after your workout).

Grey: Resting zone

Blue: Warming up zone

Green: Burning zone (burning calories)

Orange: After-burn zone (continue to burn calories after your workout)

Red: Over exertion


-You can track your heart rate, calories burned, distance ran the entire workout

-Competition is with yourself and you are continuing to try and improve your time or splat points (time spent in the orange or red zone)

-Positive and encouraging coaches give you the extra push you need to make it the best workout possible

-Each day has a different workout keeping your muscles guessing and your brain excited

-Having the workout pre-planned by OTF there is no thinking or planning on your part so you can just show up, follow the coach and get your sweat on


-It’s pretty expensive! This is tough for some people because there is no way around the steep membership fee


If you need motivation and someone to keep you accountable, this is the workout for you. Once you sign up, you need to follow through with the workout because if you cancel last minute you are charged a fee. Be warned, the workouts can get really tough but you feel so accomplished and there’s something about it that keeps me coming back for more. If you would like more information, feel free to go to the website and try a class for free!

dividerDo you like these types of posts? If so, I will do more in the future. Keep dry if you’re in this crazy weather and be sure to take a peek at the first full moon of 2017!

Happy weekend all,

<3 Megan

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