Motivation Monday: Birthday Bliss

Yesterday was my 30th birthday. A lot of emotions can come up when you turn a year older, especially when you are approaching a new decade and saying goodbye to a chapter you’ve grown found of.

dsc_2175My 20’s are years I will have a hard time forgetting because they hold some of my most special memories. I moved across the country in my 20’s, met the love of my life, married him, bought my first home, and met some of the most incredible human beings that I hold a special place in my heart for.

I can only hope that my 30’s bring as much joy and the confidence, security and maturity that seems to come with approaching another decade. It’s been said your 30’s are some of the best years due to caring less about what others think and you are more sure of who you are. Bring it on!

dsc_2177I believe this to be true only because I feel a little wiser, a little more confident and a little more sure about who I am and who I wish to be in this world with each passing day.

I want to leave you with my favorite quote of this year, and with the hope that you are finding it a little easier to know yourself, understand your wants and are able to make a plan to get what you hope from life. We’re all in this health journey together and there is some comfort in that.


dsc_2176Cheers to 30 blissful years, and many more to come!



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