Fit Friday: Choose 1

It’s very tempting to opt for a quick fix because let’s face it, they’re quick. However, if you’re looking for something permanent, it’s going to take some time and patience.

Instead of reaching for that piece of duck tape let’s stop and think about what’s causing the leak so we can turn it off from the source and prevent it from coming back.

Whether it’s weight loss, kicking a bad habit or increasing longevity-there’s something we all have to work on to make us healthier.

dsc_1950To get to that goal, it’s important to start small and be deliberate with our daily actions & choices. When you add these all up it begins to take form of something great.

It doesn’t seem as daunting to cut out an extra snack each day instead of restricting calories or overhauling your entire diet.

To change our habits and lifestyle for good, it’s important to set realistic small goals we can achieve and begin implementing into our daily lives slowly so they become second nature.divider

Here is where I invite you to choose one.

  • Choose one thing to add to your day that benefits your health in some way. Think adding an additional serving of veggies or water to your day.
  • Choose one thing to eliminate from your day that is not serving you in a healthy way. Maybe that second glass of wine or the trip to the vending machine in the afternoon.
  • Choose one goal to add to your week that will get you closer to where you want to be. What would make you healthier (mind, body or spirit) if you achieved it once a week? Having a standing yoga date with a friend each Saturday, adding in an extra walk each week, taking an hour a week to color or paint

dividerAs you check these small changes off over the course of a month, you can begin to see how amazing you feel and re-evaluate where you are and adjust accordingly the next month.

Once you have these healthier habits in place, you may surprise yourself at how effortless it all feels and see how making these small changes has gotten you into a routine that not only serves you health-wise but longevity-wise as well.


What small choices will you be making this weekend? I’d love to hear! For me, I will be trying an extra activity outdoors, preferably with the pup!

<3 Megan

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