Fit Friday: 3 Simple Steps To Reset & Get Back

Everyone I’ve come across this week has given me the same impression: it’s been a week. When these kinds of weeks happen I feel like the first thing to suffer is our health and wellness. We get a little relaxed with the self-care and give more to outside things than to ourselves.

dsc_2142-1While this selflessness is admirable and what we are taught to do in most circumstances, it can also lead to feeling burnt out and run down. Essentially we are no help to anyone especially ourselves.

When I find this sort of helpless feeling creep up and begin to see the signs of exhaustion set in, I evaluate where I’m at and follow simple steps to reset and get back to where I want to be.divider

3 Simple Steps To Reset & Get Back

  1. Slow down-this may seem obvious at first, but really committing to slowing down and listening to your body and mind is critical in this reset. What sign did you see in the first place that made you need to reset? Have you been making silly mistakes because you’re overtired and not getting enough rest? Are you constantly running late to work because you’re not prepared this week?
  2. Prepare-now that you singled out what areas need some attention in your life, it’s time to make a plan to get back on track. If lack of sleep is causing added stress, plan to set a timer on your phone an hour before you’d like to be in bed and begin a nightly wind-down routine.
  3. Execute-it’s great you’ve got this well thought out plan, but the work really begins when you have to go through and execute it. Were you running late each morning setting an unfavorable tone for your day? Choose to lay out your outfit the night before, pack your lunch and gym clothes before you go to bed and don’t hit snooze button-for an entire week.divider

Following these three simple steps to get back on track will have you catering to what’s important and getting you back on the path of health and wellness and be the healthiest version of yourself.

I noticed after the holidays and my birthday festivities I was having leftovers, eating out a lot and not having my “normal” foods I’m used to having everyday. My energy was lower and I just felt “eh”. I decided to clear out foods that were not serving me and just had around from the celebrations and went out and shopped for whole, nourishing foods that I knew made me feel my best inside and out.

dsc_2141I put a large crockpot on, dumped a bunch of greens and water to steam and made individual bowls of nutritious veggies to snack on and add to my meals throughout the week. I was missing the vitamins and minerals from these foods I’d been without and the neglect I felt from not having them daily began to show signs both physically and mentally.

I’m gearing up for a theme week so stay tuned for some LOVEly posts to get you in the spirit next week.

What are you up to this weekend? I’m off to see the latest Steve Martin play at the Old Globe theatre, I’m due for some fun and laughter!

<3 Megan

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