Motivation Monday: Love Is Love

There are a lot of opposing opinions about Valentines Day and I honestly I can relate to both sides.

It’s a Hallmark-inflated holiday that appears to be created in the hopes of taking advantage of those in the puppy-love stage or needing to fan the flame on their long term relationship.

On the flip side, it’s incredibly tempting to get swept up in the pink and red heart-shaped goodies, seasonal flowers and decadent chocolates all in the celebration of love.
For me, I look at it as an excuse to show all those in my life-friends, family and hubby how much they mean to me. We could all use a little love once in awhile, so how can that be bad?

An excuse to be festive doesn’t hurt either…

dsc_2200So yes, I’m pro-valentines day and if the talk of Cupid’s arrows, Valentine’s Day treats and photos of countless heart-shaped desserts makes you ill, I suggest you circle back to MSF next week when the coast is sure to be clear and I’ve gotten it out of my system.

Until then, bring on the heart-shaped cookie cutters and prepare for some love.

dsc_2199Love is love after all, and I’m all for it.


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