Wellness Wednesday: Caffeine Fix For Your Skin

While I love showing all those around me how much they mean to me this time of year, I have a soft spot for showing my love some love.

I reserve a special spot in my Valentine’s Day celebrations for my “valentine”, and this year marks our seventh one together.

dsc_2190It’s fun to get dressed up and go somewhere fancy, order food in, or even decorate the house and cook something out of the ordinary (bonus points if it’s heart-shaped). Whatever says special to you is what really matters and nothing makes a night out or in with your valentine more meaningful than primping and feeling your best.

To prepare for any date night I like to squeeze in a workout and then take an extra long shower, taking care to not only do the necessities (shave, wash hair, etc) but also to splurge and incorporate something that will make the ritual unique. With this recent winter weather (yes it’s been cold even here in sunny SD) my skin has been feeling especially dry and ashy.

There are not many things that make me feel sexier than soft, luxurious skin. To get that effect I like to exfoliate in the shower and then follow up with a body oil which not only moisturizes but gives my skin that bronzed shimmery look.

dsc_2197Instead of using any old scrub, why not be efficient and incorporate something beneficial for our skin?

With the recent craze over caffeine and coffee ingredients in beauty products I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what all the fuss is about.

I’ve broken down the benefits I found and included a simple DIY coffee scrub for you to do at home so you can feel extra confident for any date night you may have coming up.

Top 5 Benefits Of Coffee For Your Skin

  1. Anti-inflammatory-being a diuretic, coffee restricts the blood vessels which results in reduced swelling and inflammation
  2. Reduces the appearance of cellulite-it is said that coffee dehydrates fat cells, which temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite
  3. Improves circulation-the caffeine in coffee increases blood flow which helps clear toxins and improves circulation
  4. Exfoliates and smooths skin-the texture of coffee grounds removes dead skin cells leaving behind a smooth new surface
  5. Anti-oxidation-coffee is rich in antioxidants which combats the daily exposure our skin has from pollutants and toxins we come in contact with
  • dividerdsc_2194MSF Caffeine Fix For Your Skin Scrub


1 c ground coffee grounds (I use an organic brand I found at Costco)

1 c fine pink Himalayan sea salt

½ c coconut oil

dash essential oil of your choice (I used lavender)


Combine all ingredients in bowl and store in airtight container in a cool, dry place. Apply to clean skin and work in downwards circular motion over desired area, rinse off and follow with body oil or hydrating cream. Enjoy!

dividerI hope you have some time this week to pamper yourself and fit in something that makes you feel your best. When we feel confident we exude positivity, and those positive vibes are just what we need right now 🙂

I’m off to indulge in a little pampering and use some MSF coffee scrub in my shower tonight! What sort of things do you like to do to feel your best?

Sending love,


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