Fit Friday: And The Oscar Goes To…

This Sunday the Oscars come into town. I have always enjoyed award shows, the pomp and circumstance of it all including the fashion (I was a fashion major back in college so always have a soft spot for it!) and seeing everyone dress up and come together to celebrate the arts, it’s just so fun!

DSC_2313.jpgSince I am lucky enough to be married to someone who enjoys movies as much as I do (maybe even a little more) we have made an effort to see the nominated movies each year so we can participate in the build up and anticipation of the night. We enjoy making ballots, orchestrating drinking games and even creating cocktails and appetizers inspired by the nominated pictures.

This year we decided to keep it low key and just stick with one cocktail and app since we are still recovering from last weekend’s festivities. Simple and fit is what we are after and lucky for us, that’s my specialty. I went with a simple cocktail that keeps you hydrated and is low in sugar but still has the festiveness of bubbles. The color of the drink was inspired by the infamous red carpet at the Oscars and I paid homage to the legendary gold statues with straws I picked up.

dsc_2312For the appetizer I didn’t want to be in the kitchen all day and since we are coming off an indulgent week of food, wanted to keep it light and refreshing. This app is super simple, very low cal and reminds me of something elegant enough to be featured in this year’s nominee La La Land (very California-cuisine inspired).

dsc_2296Even if you’re not prepared to have a party, invite a few friends over and I’ve got you covered with these two MSF recipes that will have your guests handing you the ‘best host’ award in no time.

dividerMSF La La Land Cucumber Cups


1 cucumber

1 carton blackberries

I block full fat feta cheese

Garlic herb hummus (I used the Majestic brand because they have few, natural ingredients)


Wash and dry all produce. Slice cucumber into uniform pieces, 1/4” thick. Cut feta into small cubes, about ½”. Assemble your cups by spreading thin layer of hummus on cucumber, layering cheese and blackberry on top of hummus (can use toothpicks to secure, just be sure to let guests know before they bite into them!). I also have made these with a yogurt dip and salmon instead of hummus, cheese and berries and it was a hit. Enjoy!

dsc_2298dividerMSF Red Carpet Sparkler


8 oz vodka (I used Titos)

4 cans lime flavored sparkling water (I used Pellegrino)

8 oz cherry juice (I made fresh with frozen cherries)

juice of 1 lime

cherries to garnish

ice for shaker


In shaker place vodka and ice, shaking vigorously for 1 minute. Once chilled, pour into four glasses prepared with ice. Top with cherry juice (squeezed from frozen cherries or store bought juice) and lime juice. Finish with 1 can of sparkling soda to top, float cherries as garnish. Cheers!


Do you like to celebrate the Oscars? What kinds of things get you in the festive spirit? Would love to hear!

Good luck to all the nominees 🙂

<3 Megan

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