Motivation Monday: Facing Your Fears

This past week I’ve had a lot of time to reflect and take into account where I am and where I’d like to be. I think this is so important to do from time to time, no matter where you’re at in your career/life, how old you are, etc. Even if you believe you’re ‘satisfied’, doing a temperature check once in awhile is never a bad thing.

I wish I could remember the source to site it here, but I remember listening to a podcast a while back and during the interview someone referenced music and how the simple act of listening to music (that brings you joy) your mood is lifted and you are more likely to do great things.

dsc_2272So I invite you to turn up that volume, take note of what you want for yourself and GO AFTER IT. It will not get any easier by wishing it to happen or having a goal that you’re not doing anything to get closer to. Take that first step, no matter how difficult it may seem.

With that said, here is a very scary step for me. I’m trying to expand to different platforms, hoping to reach my audience in a variety of ways. The world is so big, and if there is a space for anyone to connect and live a better lifestyle than I’m all for it. So I did my first “how to” video on YouTube. I chose an easy simply fit cocktail, shot the video myself while my husband was at work, and if you ask my opinion, I totally messed up.

BUT what is important is that I’m learning. I learned how to post a video, add music and text, all on my iPhone…all by myself.

dsc_2271While even though I’m not thrilled with my first attempt, is at least something, a thing I did on my own that terrifies me but gets me closer to my goals.

Doing things by yourself is extremely satisfying. I am going to own every step of this journey I’ve created for myself. I have done it on my own and feel comforted knowing that MSF will remain authentic, raw, and on my own terms.

Have a beautiful week everyone and don’t count yourself out, reach for what you want no matter how scary it may seem. Feed that spirit of yours, your health and wellness are counting on it!

*if you would like to see the video you can see it here



P.S. Don’t be too harsh, I promise I will get better at these videos as I learn what the heck I’m doing. Oh and if you choose to make the MSF Herb & Berry cocktail, put rosemary in the shaker and strain out (I missed this step in the video and it’s bothering me).

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