Wellness Wednesday: Cinnamon & Spice

If you’ve made some of my recipes, followed my Instagram or Snapchat story then you may have noticed I’m a major cinnamon fan. When I first became interested in nutrition, I read that cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar and I’ve sprinkled it on everything since!

Besides the benefits of stabilizing your blood sugar, I wanted to go deeper and investigate some other benefits (there’s got to be a reason this spice has stood the test of time!).

dsc_2371As I read, I began to see tons of benefits this spice can have for our skin. So why not look for a way we can incorporate cinnamon into our skincare routine?

I created a mask that has simple ingredients (most of us have in our cabinets already) and it could not be simpler to make. My favorite way to make things 😉

Without further ado, here is my standard ‘top 10 list’ of benefits followed by a MSF recipe for a pore-minimizing facemask-and literally takes seconds to prepare!dsc_2354divider

Top 10 Health Benefits of Cinnamon

  1. Cancer fighter-cinnamon activates protective antioxidant responses in the body to help protect against cell damage and cancerous tumor growth
  2. Brain health-two compounds in cinnamon appear to inhibit the buildup of a protein called tau in the brain (a significant player in Alzheimer’s) and the spice has also been shown to help protect neurons and normalize neurotransmitter levels (which improve motor function)
  3. Stabilizes blood sugar-cinnamon has been shown to decrease glucose entering our blood stream by interfering with digestive enzymes during digestion (lowering blood sugar levels by absorbing sugars at a slower rate) which helps with conditions such as diabetes
  4. Heart healthy-the spice reduces levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides while keeping HDL (good cholesterol) levels the same or higher. Some studies say it also reduces blood pressure
  5. Anti-inflammatory-high levels of antioxidants in cinnamon have shown positive anti-inflammatory activity in chronic inflammation in the body
  6. Antioxidants-cinnamon is full of antioxidants including polyphenols, phenolic acid and flavonoids which help the body fight harmful affects of oxidation
  7. Fights infection-cinnamon is naturally anti-microbial, anti-biotic, anti-fungal, and anti-viral so can be very beneficial in fighting harmful infections and viruses
  8. Dental health-because of its ability to fight bacteria, cinnamon can be helpful in dental health by killing oral bacteria that causes bad breath, tooth decay and cavities in the mouth
  9. Digestive health-cinnamon’s powerful anti-fungal properties make it a great candidate for gastrointestinal health and fighting against yeast or candida conditions in the gut
  10. Skincare-cinnamon can protect the skin from irritations, rashes, allergic reactions and infections and is often used in skincare for its natural affects of reducing inflammation, pain and redness

dividerMSF Pore-Shrinking Cinnamon Mask


¼ c raw unfiltered honey

2 tsp organic cinnamon

juice of ½ a lemon

1/8 c coconut sugar


Mix all ingredients together until smooth paste forms. Apply to clean face rubbing in circular motion. Leave on face for 10-15 minutes, rinse and apply moisturizer. Watch those pore shrink away!

dsc_2350Thanks for letting me rant on about cinnamon, it truly is a miracle spice and one you should consider including in your daily routine!

Would you like to see a how-to video for this mask? I may be filming some more in the near future 🙂

<3 Megan

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