Motivation Monday: Knowledge Is Power; 5 Free Ways To Feed Your Brain

I am always craving information and a self-proclaimed perpetual student. There is not much I don’t like to research and learn about, as you can see through this blog. I just think there is so much interesting material out there and the thought that you can be continually learning, never running out of things to experience for the first time is fascinating.

dsc_2432As I was walking Finley and listening to a podcast the idea of how much information is out there for us to have access to FOR FREE just popped into my head. I wanted to share with you immediately in case there was something that would inspire you and enrich your life by knowing a little more about it.

So here it is, my top 5 free ways to get information so that you too can feed your mind and get the most out of this fascinating world we live in.dsc_2421

5 Free Ways To Feed Your Brain

  1. Podcasts-these are my new obsession. If you haven’t heard of podcasts yet, jump on board. There is a plethora of knowledge out there just waiting to be heard (for free!) on iTunes or online through the podcasters website. I listen to everything from nutritionists, breaking news, celebrities, and yogis.
  2. La Bibliotheca-yes there still is the old fashioned brick and mortar building that houses books and resources we can hold in our hands, and it is a great free access to tons of information. There is something romantic about a library and I will never give my library card up. I just trust information more when it comes from a credible published source, and the fact that you can go in and use tons of resources for free is still pretty amazing.
  3. World Wide Web-there is a reason world is in part of the description. The fact that we are able to reach the farthest points of the world and learn about everything in between with the touch of a button is truly magic. If there is something you want to learn about, google it and I’m sure you will get a better understanding of it.
  4. The Tube-youtube that is. There is nothing you can’t find a ‘how-to’ video for on youtube. My mother-in-law was ecstatic to show me the newest way she learned how to peel corn, no icky strings left behind or anything (but really you should check it out, putting it in the microwave is a game changer). I love her dearly but the fact that her generation is notoriously not that tech-savvy and here she is showing me a video of a true time saver life hack, well it’s just brilliant and truly shocked me.
  5. Free Online Classes-major universities are jumping on the band wagon of online learning and what’s better is they are making learning accessible to everyone. You can take a course or listen in to a lecture in the privacy of your own home from some of the most knowledgeable professors in the country.divider

So there you have it, hopefully there is at least one resource for learning that has inspired you to get the best gift you can give to yourself, information. Knowledge is the thing that can bring people together, have a common ground of understanding and squash any ignorance that may be dividing us. I invite you to learn something new this week and notice how empowered it makes you feel.

dsc_2413Is there some way I’ve missed? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Happy learning!

<3 Megan

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