Wellness Wednesday: GET OUT! Top 4 Benefits of Being One w/ Nature

I’ve touched upon the importance of having a break in your day (preferably outside among nature) if only to get a hit of energy to propel you through the rest of your day. There’s something about my afternoon walk that makes me crave it like a drug.

I always thought it was the quiet moment to myself (which is extremely rare for me) because otherwise I am in constant interaction with people and need to be ON for a majority of my day. While I consider myself an outgoing person and crave the social time I have with others, time to myself is not only important but critical for me to recharge.

DSC_2381So back to my walking break. I thought the attraction of this break was the solidarity, but after being forced inside for a break due to rain, I knew this wasn’t the case.

What I found after taking a break indoors was that I did not feel that boost of energy I usually had after my walking breaks. I also did not get any more motivation to power through the rest of the day like I usually did.

Was there more to being outside than I originally thought? I decided to look into it and here is what I found.divider

Top 4 Benefits of Being Outside

Vitamin D-the sun is the best and easiest source for us to get Vitamin D, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy immune system. It also helps us combat severe disorders and debilitating conditions such as Alzheimers and diabetes.

Sleep-our sleep patterns are regulated by our internal body clock (circadian rhythm) and this is tied directly to the sun’s schedule. Not getting out in natural sunlight will alter our natural circadian rhythms and affect our sleep patterns.

Mind-spending time outside in nature has been linked to improved attention spans, boosts in serotonin and increased activity in the brain (specifically in areas where we feel empathy, emotional stability, and love <3)

Grounding-this may be “out there” for some but it is something I have been reading about lately (maybe I’ll do a post for a more in-depth look?). There is a theory which states the earth is negatively charged and has a greater negative charge than our body, allowing us to absorb the earth’s electrons. In order to absorb these we need direct contact with the earth (things such as the shoes we wear are a barrier), resulting in an intense anti-inflammatory and energizing effect on the body.

dividerSo I encourage you to GET OUT this week and maybe take your shoes off for a stroll in the park!

DSC_2376What sort of things do you like to do outside? I personally like to walk or do yoga 🙂

<3 Megan

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