Fit Friday: MSF 20 Minute HIIT Anywhere, Anytime Workout

We are all busy and having an efficient workout to cycle into your fitness routine that you can also do anywhere (literally could do this in a hotel room) AND only takes 20 minutes sounds right up my alley.

I’m a big proponent of high intensity, interval training-something to get your heart rate up and have you burning calories even after you’re done working out (so good, right?). I also think it’s important to mix up your moves from standing positions to sitting/laying down ones to make your body work to get that blood pumping in different directions, maximizing your burn and workout.

For this Fit Friday I’ve included a go-to routine that I do when I’m pressed for time and feel like I need to get my sweat on. I do this in my tiny living room and don’t really leave the space of my yoga mat.

So here it is, a routine you can do in your hotel room, small living space or even outside!divider

MSF 20 Minute HIIT Anywhere, Anytime Workout

*8 moves, set timer for 20 minutes and cycle through as many rounds as you can fit in

Warm Up-jumping jacks or high knees (1-2 minutes)


Bridge Toe Touches (16 total reps, 8 each side)- keep hips raised and touch the opposite toes with your fingers, being sure to keep shoulders above wrists and hips level


Burpees (10 reps)-start in crouched position, jump back to plank (add a push-up if you’re a boss), jump back to crouched position and stand up with a jump in the air


Scissor kicks (15 reps, each leg)-raise up with shoulders off mat in sit up position, legs straight, abs tight and with control raise one leg at a time in a scissor motion, alternating legs in a fast rhythm


Squat boxing (50 total reps, 25 each side)-in squat position, rapidly punch side to side, being mindful to keep hips facing forward and looking to feel it in your legs and obliques

DSC_2389Side plank thread the needle (20 total reps, 10 each side)-rise up to side plank position and thread top arm under your body and back up to ceiling, palm facing away from you, repeat on other side

DSC_2403Speed skaters (30 total reps, 15 on each side)-in a fast pace, bend over in skating position with opposite leg back and touch the ground with finger tips, keep chest and gaze upwards to protect neck and back, repeat back and forth (disclaimer: I had to keep Finley in this photo, because this is real life and he wants to be involved in everything!)

DSC_2405Spiderman push-ups (16 total reps, 8 each side)-in push-up position bend knee to touch elbow while doing a push up, alternate sides

DSC_2392Boat pose (hold for 30 seconds)-back straight, lift legs up with abs and be sure to keep belly pulled in to support low back

Be sure to cool down and stretch! This is important to keep us safe, injury-free and to get those long lean muscles and flexibility everyone is after!dividerHope you find some time this weekend to get after it and sweat a little and of course mix in some R&R. This weather has me inspired to get outside and take a hike, mix in a little Pilates, studying, and perhaps a grilled pizza 😉



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