Motivation Monday: A Pipe Dream No More

I have fantastic news for this Motivation Monday that I cannot wait to share with you. I decided to take a leap and going after something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile…

I enrolled in a teacher training program to become a Pilates instructor and I could not be more excited!

Pilates has been a big part of my life and something I’ve practiced for over 15 years. I never took the passion I had for it that seriously and looked at it as a form of exercise I enjoyed that I happened to stick with.

DSC_2446I never thought about becoming certified in teaching it or having it become a greater part of my life than what it was.

One of my very first posts on MSF was on Pilates where I introduced a very basic explanation about what it can do for your body and how I first got introduced to it.

As you know from many of my posts, I crave knowledge and continuing to learn about subjects I’m interested in. This teacher training program is an opportunity for me to get an in-depth understanding of something I’ve practiced and enjoyed for a majority of my life.

I’ve been told your 30’s is a time of self discovery and when you truly come into your own and learn about yourself. This has been true for the few months I’ve been thirty, and I hope the discovery continues because this feeling is addictive and freeing.

DSC_2439I urge you to consider your passions in life and how you can make them a bigger part of your day or week. If we are spending more time on the things that drive us and make us happier, won’t there be less time to be unhappy and stressed?

I’m not sure where this new path will take me in the future, but I am pretty confident I will be loving the view along the way.

dividerI’m off to make something chocolatey to enjoy tonight while we watch The Crown, have you seen it? Have a wonderful week and let me know if anything comes along that inspires you this week <3



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