Fit Friday: MSF Brownie Batter Balls

DSC_2375Happy Friday!! I feel like celebrating because we all made it through the week after springing forward. I don’t normally complain about the time change but WOAH, this time change did me in. I know I’m not alone because everyone I came in contact with this week has brought it up.

Anyways, I relied heavily on matcha lattes, cold brew, and chocolate to get me through. Now on the other side and facing the weekend I thought this was a perfect opportunity to link my second “how to” video on YouTube. Eek! It’s like the scariest thing ever for me and I don’t really know why.

I love to talk, I love to make yummy/healthy things, I love to teach…so what’s the big deal? Well I’m working on it, and hoping to make it more and more natural so it’s not so painful for you guys to watch. Until then, bear with me and hopefully you’ll find a few of the videos useful!

DSC_2374This one was shot by my dear, patient husband who insists it’s WAY better than my first because I messed up some words and seemed “more natural”, I just think it’s because he was behind the camera 😉

Without further ado, here is the link so you can watch along and make MSF Brownie Batter Balls. They are honestly addicting and taste just like brownie batter, you will become a fast fan I promise.

DSC_2373If you’d like more variations let me know, I’ve made them in too many flavors it’s embarrassing!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

<3 Megan

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