Motivation Monday: Set Yourself Up To Fail

We need to get comfortable with the idea of failing in order to achieve something that is extraordinary or worthwhile. Most of the great pioneers of our time were not told they were doing something practical or were sure to succeed. In reality, they were met with apprehension and criticism (think the Wright brothers, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, etc).

In order to succeed at something of that magnitude, something others haven’t accomplished yet, you need to get into the mindset of setting yourself up to potentially fail.

DSC_2469I have taken a few risks, some have paid off, some not so much. It has taken me almost a decade to even realize this was happening and even longer to learn to appreciate the journey.

Risk #1-Moving to the west coast for a job transfer (life changing, win!)

Risk #2-Starting a cupcake business in an overinflated market with no experience whatsoever (let’s call this an important lose)

Even the risks we take that don’t pan out can be viewed as a win and it is up to us to see why.

When I started the cupcake business I WAY over-prepared (if that is such a thing). I spent an embarrassing amount of money on legality (permits, registration, lawyer fees, etc.) before I even sold my first cupcake. I did EVERYTHING on my own, design, website, baking, marketing, customer service, delivery. I was burnt out before I even really started and the sad thing looking back is if I was a little more patient or a little more strategic with my funding and timeline, I think it really could have been successful.

DSC_2470This was my first business, one I began to come attached to but I eventually quit when the going got tough and didn’t ask for help or advice. I am so thankful to have gone through it all because I learned the most valuable take-away for my future endeavors. Start slow, grow organically, ASK FOR HELP, and most importantly be patient.

I will never make this mistake again, and I’m grateful for learning that. We are continually evolving into better owners, employees, friends, family members, bosses, people.

So for this motivation Monday I invite you to get comfortable with the concept of failing and not only finding the silver lining but the pearl inside of each fail-wisdom.

dividerHope you have a beautiful week, and if there is something you’ve been avoiding because you are afraid of the outcome…I say go for it! You can always stand back up and assess the lesson.



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