Wellness Wednesday: Everyone Does It, So Lets Talk About It

Today’s post can be viewed as a little TMI for some, but I’ve had enough friends ask my opinion on the subject to feel it’s a topic many can relate to.

What’s the healthiest, most effective form of hair removal?

Am I an expert? Not really. But I do have years of experience trying different methods and feel this familiarity has me well-read on the topic enough to give an educated opinion.

DSC_2483.jpgI will try to keep it simple, even though this can be a complex topic with many points of view. I’ve listed the top ways of hair removal below and my pros and cons for each so you can decide what’s best for you.

dividerHair removal cream:

Pros-inexpensive, can be done at home, straightforward concept, minimum pain

Cons-inconsistent, can cause rashes or skin irritations (if directions are not followed carefully), a lot of keep-up, precision is difficult to achieve


Pros-gets the entire hair follicle (if done properly) so hair grows back slower, can be precise, inexpensive, can be done at home

Cons-time, can be painful if not done correctly, can be overdone if done on oneself, can look unnatural very easily


Pros-natural appearance, done quickly, hair grows back slower, moderate price

Cons-can be painful, cannot be done at home or by yourself (for most people), needs to be kept up, monthly expense


Pros-efficient, portable, easy to learn, can be done at home, painless, exfoliates skin

Cons-takes concentration, hair grows back thicker and darker, time commitment, monthly expense, can cut skin or cause irritation if done incorrectly


Pros-minimum upkeep, lasts months to years, kills hair follicle so regrowth is minimal, progressively painless, purchase of other methods goes away as well as daily or weekly upkeep

Cons-time and financial commitment, can be painful depending on laser grade, will need to be touched up in the future, need to stay out of sun in treated areas while getting treatments


Pros-leaves skin smooth, hair does not grow back thicker or darker, hair grows back slower and more fine, quick

Cons-can be painful, if done incorrectly skin irritation can occur, you are in a vulnerable position with a stranger, monthly expense

dividerTo sum it up I say do what works for you in terms of pain tolerance, time, budget, and what gives you the look you’re going for. For me, I have done laser hair removal for most of the areas I used to wax and now shave once in awhile if I see a little growth.

I am currently tweezing my eyebrows and have stopped threading because I wanted them to grow in thicker. I will go get my eyebrows threaded every now and then for a “clean up” but other than that I stick to tweezing them on my own.

DSC_2480.jpgAs far as “healthy” goes, to me using clean tweezers or threading would be the healthiest form because you are not applying any chemicals to your skin (shaving cream, wax, cream, etc).

I am not against laser hair removal at all, I just think if you are looking to become pregnant or have other health conditions you should of course consult your doctor because it is fairly new and the long term affects are not 100% known.

I hope this was helpful and sheds some light on the hair removal process. Whatever makes you feel your best and gives you confidence I am all for…and silky smooth legs never hurt anyone 😉

dividerHappy hump day everyone, I’m looking forward to the end of the week to share a fit recipe I’ve been working on this week!

<3 Megan

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  1. Your post reminded me that my boyfriend tried hair removal cream on his chest not too long ago, and he accidentally put it over his nips… those chemicals damn near fried them off!!!! He’s fine though, so we can look back and laugh haha!

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