Motivation Monday: 5 Simple Ways To Start A Digital Detox

We are all guilty of it and it’s not our fault. Technology is taking over every square inch of our existence and it seems like it happened overnight.

I remember growing up when there were days, even weeks I didn’t see a screen or touch an electronic device. Now it seems there is not a room or object in my home that is not connected to technology somehow (I even have an electronic toothbrush!).

DSC_2514It’s insane to think of the world without these conveniences we’ve come to rely so heavily on.

Whenever I feel a lack of creativity I go outside. Taking breaks to walk Finley or even flip aimlessly through a magazine have been helpful. If you find your inspiration lacking, eyes twitching, or mental capacity maxed-out I urge you to take a digital detox.

DSC_2515The health benefits you will receive include (but are SO not limited to) improvement of sleep, critical thinking skills, social interactions, creativity, productivity and  a decrease in anxiety, stress and insomnia.

I will make it easy and list five simple ways to start your digital detox NOW.divider

MSF Digital Detox Week

  1. Replacement therapy-Replace one digital activity with one non-digital activity every day this week
  2. Balance-Commit to 20 minutes of non-technology related activity and/or rest for every 1 hour on technology
  3. Just say no-Eliminate all unnecessary gadgets from your daily routine (gaming devices, iPods, iPads, basically anything for entertainment)
  4. Play-Instead of turning on the TV, read, color, do a puzzle or any other activity that does not use technology or a screen
  5. Unplug to recharge-2-3 hours before bed do not look at a screen and unplug any electronics in your bedroomdivider

I want to hear your results because I know they are going to be amazing. It feels SO good and actually freeing once you get used to it. I am positive you will be sleeping better, feeling less anxious and more productive in just one week 🙂

Happy detox week!

<3 Megan

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