Motivation Monday: Family Therapy

This past weekend I spent back east with my side of the family. We celebrated, relaxed, got caught up, entertained. It was a whirlwind of people coming from all over to celebrate Easter and also times when we were able to go on walks by the water and revel in the tranquility.

I didn’t know how much I needed a long weekend with my family until I got here. I was obviously missing them crazy amounts, but sometimes we get used to our busy lives and forget just how incomplete they really are if parts are missing.

IMG_9036Sometimes we just need a change of pace, different scenery and to be around those that have zero judgement and unconditional love. That is what I felt this entire weekend and was in pure relaxation mode.

We started in New York City where we met up with a dear friend (who is practically family) and got to indulge in an amazing dinner and stay at the most beautiful hotel that was recently renovated. If find yourself in NYC I highly recommend checking out The Beekman and if you can swing a reservation, Fowler and Wells was an incredible meal.

Before we jumped on a train to Rhode Island we walked around the city beginning with a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and back via the Manhattan Bridge. There is something magical about walking around the city with an almond milk latte and the hustle and bustle you feel is almost contagious. It was a perfect contrast to the quite seaside community we were about to enjoy the rest of the time during our stay.

IMG_9103Once we arrived in RI I could not wait to see my nieces and nephew. Having a chance to spend an entire day with them and listen to what is on their little brains is my absolute favorite thing. Easter day was filled with festive spreads, egg hunts, and a MASSIVE dinner party (if I haven’t mentioned already, my mom’s side of the family is huge!).

Sometimes we don’t think about the things that feed our spirit. It is just as important to nourish and pay attention to these parts of ourselves. Health is all about paying attention to yourself as a whole, mind, body and spirit.

IMG_9109I needed a reset, a little family therapy if you will. I loved being back home for so many reasons and feel recharged and ready to take on what comes next

Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to take on the week! I will be catching up with my Pilates homework and practice since I have had some time off 🙂



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