Motivation Monday: The Happiness Project

There have been moments in my life where something was said or I read the perfect thing at the time I needed to. One of these moments for me was when I stumbled upon the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I was searching for a new book to bring on a flight and this just happened to be highlighted on the bestseller list that year.

I was intrigued by the title and even more so by the reviews. I never really thought about happiness in this way and began to question everything in my life. Maybe that sounds a bit dramatic but it honestly struck a chord with me, and even more so when I began to devour it.

I immediately called my mom to discuss it and began to make an effort to live in a deliberate, happy way. “The days are long but the years are short”. This is a quote Gretchen references when explaining why she began the “happiness project”. Gretchen’s journey was a bit extreme and she was able to throw herself into finding the ultimate secret to happiness by studying research from scientists, spiritual texts and culture.

Ultimately she found that money is not the answer (no matter how many times we hear this cliché we still believe it or at least live like it’s true) and can cloud happiness. To live simply, in the moment, in the now and with appreciation and mindfulness, that is being happy.

dividerI urge you to look into this book, or any other book/quote that moves you and allows you to gain some perspective on your happiness. Life has a shelf life and each second that passes is not only precious but a gift.

Gretchen also has a podcast that you may be interested in checking out, she has at least twelve months of research on happiness documented and I’m sure even more now as she continues to discover the meaning of it all.

Happy Monday friends, I hope you have a wonderful week and find some happiness throughout it. I’m off to do a little studying and cuddle with my fur baby.



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