Motivation Monday: 4 Simple Ways To Get After Monday

Happy Monday everyone! I have made a point to make my Mondays more enjoyable because lets be honest they are hard to look forward to. Monday signifies that the weekend is over, work begins, and special moments that are held for the weekend are seven days away.

Mondays don’t have to be so dismal and there are many things we can do to make them something we no longer dread or endure but dare I say look forward to?

DSC_2568I broke it down into four simple ways I have made my Mondays more pleasurable and hope you can find some simple strategies or tips to use in your own week to help you find a way to make them productive and easier to take 😉

4 Simple Ways To Get After Monday

  1. Prep-this one may be obvious and is usually reserved for Sundays but can be a complete time saver and one that sets the tone of your week. Choose a day (any day!) to set aside 1 to 2 hours for meal prep, choosing outfits for the week, planning your exercise schedule or anything else that is going to make your week go smoother. It’s amazing how just a few hours of preparation can impact the rest of your week. If all the work is done ahead of time you are left to make one less decision when you are plowing through a busy day.
  2. Unwind-instead of leaving everything to the last minute on Sunday night and you are rushing around to finish laundry, organize car pool, finish reports/homework, respond to emails. Make Sunday a progression. You can be productive in the morning, but don’t leave tasks you need completed for a stress-free Monday to the last minute. Do them over the course of the weekend so that you can make Sunday night ritualistic and stress-free. Commit to turning off technology, make a long dinner with music and a glass of wine, draw a bath or read a magazine w/ a cup of calm tea. Whatever it is make it something you look forward to, something that is not technology-driven and will put you in a calm headspace to tackle your week.
  3. Bedtime-the WORST thing you can do that is sure to make Monday start off on the wrong foot is staying up late and not getting enough sleep. If you are abruptly woken up to the sound of an alarm clock that is extra annoying because you have not gotten enough sleep, you are going to be especially grumpy. When we are tired from the get-go then our bodies are trying to play catch up all day, our decision making is not going to be at it’s best and we will be searching for energy in all the wrong places (extra cups of coffee, sugar, energy drinks, etc.).
  4. Goal setting-something I have made a habit of saving for my Mondays is taking account of where I’m at in my month, week, and year. I look at this fresh start to the week as an opportunity to plan out what is coming up, get a handle on what I need to be doing that week or the weeks coming up. Often if there is something I’m looking forward to on the horizon like a trip, concert or date with friends it gives me the push I need to want to get the day going and get closer to that ‘carrot’.

dividerI hope these were somewhat helpful and may spark something in you so that you are able to create an action plan for your Mondays.

DSC_2574We are going to make an elevated take on a nostalgic dinner tonight, grilled cheese with granny smith apple and New Zealand cheddar. It’s a simple thing but something out of the ordinary for us so in this case, our carrot at the end of Monday.

Hope you are getting after it this week, I would love to hear what you’re up to!



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