Fit Friday: Jump! Jump!

Happy Friday friends! I hope you’ve had a great week so far and have some fun things coming up this weekend. It is my last weekend of in-studio learning for Pilates teacher training, which is kind of unbelievable…it’s gone by so quickly! I’m looking forward to having a little less structure on the weekends and more time to practice teaching and observe classes.

I’m thinking of doing a Pilates highlight each week with tips and tricks, what do you think? 

I wanted to keep things straight to the point and simple for this fit Friday and I am super excited about this one!

DSC_2580Jumping rope has always been a fun way to incorporate cardio into my circuit training or for a quick 10 minute warm up. You may or may not be impressed to know that I won first place in our grade school’s Jump Rope for Heart competition. I was the last one standing out of my entire grade…we can breeze over the fact that I only had 60 kids in my entire grade 😉

Ok, let’s JUMP right into the good stuff with some benefits of jumping rope and what we can expect to get out of a sweat sesh involving this versatile rope.divider

Top 5 Benefits of Jumping Rope

  1. Burns calories-jumping at a moderate speed burns around 10-16 calories a min.
  2. Builds agility & balance-jumping rope improves your balance and coordination (think of the focus you must have not to trip!)
  3. Bone density-studies suggest it is one of the best forms of exercise to improve bone density (also by using both legs to support your weight it is easier on joints)
  4. Feeds your brain-activities involving both physical and mental demands have a higher impact on cognitive functioning than doing one solo
  5. Portability-a jump rope is extremely portable and can be transported anywhere so you can exercise whenever and wherever you pleasedivider

If you want to incorporate jumping rope into your day I suggest starting slow, do a few minutes as a warm up for a workout or do a quick HIIT style session between bodyweight exercises. Working your way up to three, 10 minute sessions a day you can expect to burn 400-500 calories! Pretty impressive for a nostalgic pastime we all know and (maybe) love.

DSC_2581Have a fun fit Friday everyone! I see a grilled pizza with veggies in our future, and hopefully some time to rest and recharge.

What recipes/foods are you looking for inspo with? I will be experimenting in the kitchen soon!

<3 Megan

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