Motivation Monday: The Power of Music

Happy Monday everyone! The start of the week is a great opportunity to set some goals and add an intention to set the tone for your week. I was feeling a little overwhelmed on Saturday morning thinking of all the errands, homework, research, laundry, etc. I was trying to accomplish before I was due to my Pilates studio lesson. I knew I would be in class for 5 hours so I was trying to make the morning as productive as possible.

I noticed my anxiousness and in result tried to slow down and see what I could do to prioritize what needed to be done first. I sat down, made a list beginning with the tasks that were time sensitive. Once everything was on paper, I began to feel a little better.

DSC_2584Next I made myself a nutritional breakfast knowing the day I had ahead and all the energy I needed to power me through the day. Lastly, I turned on our speaker in the kitchen and BLASTED my favorite playlist.

Before long my list was getting shorter and shorter and I caught my reflection in the window, dancing around in my kitchen putting away dishes and prepping food. Not only did I feel less anxious and more productive but I felt HAPPIER, and I had to attribute it to the addition of music.

That inspired today’s post. Music. I immediately began researching the effects of music on our brains and in turn mood and productivity. The results I found were magical. I listed the top benefits I found below and am excited for you to see for yourself how easy it is to turn the day around with the turn of a dial.divider

Top 5 Benefits of Listening to Music

  1. Music gets you high-when you listen to your favorite music, your brain releases dopamine (a feel good neurotransmitter) making you feel emotions such as joy, happiness, excitement and elation.
  2. Music is a stress reliever-listening to your favorite music lowers cortisol (a stress hormone) in your body which helps boost immunity and fight illness and disease.
  3. Music improves learning-research has proven that listening to music you enjoy will make you retain and remember information better than in an environment with out music.
  4. Music improves your sleep-listening to relaxing music for 30-45 minutes before going to bed will give participants a more restful and immediate sleep than those forgoing this bedtime ritual.
  5. Music makes you exercise harder-this one may be the more obvious of the benefits because it could be one you have experienced on your own. When there is upbeat music or music you enjoy playing during exercise you are more likely to stay with the beat or work harder because your levels of endorphins and dopamine are high.

dividerSo there you have it. One simple way you can incorporate some pleasure in your day and turn even the most mundane task into something more enjoyable and something you may even look forward to.

DSC_2583What things do you do to brighten monotonous tasks you have to do? I would love to hear!

I am off to do some reading and prepping for this week’s post…some exciting things coming up on MSF, can’t wait to share!



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