Motivation Monday: Mind Cleansing

Happy Monday everyone and happy fresh start to the week! I have to say this past weekend got me REALLY inspired and I can’t wait to continue to share all the great things with you. I love this platform for so many reasons but I’m also getting into Instagram and particularly Instagram stories because of the interaction. I love the fact that I can connect with you instantly and it brings us closer on this journey, so fun!

One of the things I came across I found in a magazine I was reading, they were discussing mind cleansing. It’s something they have been implementing for quite some time in England (props to England for always being ahead of the health and wellness trend!). There are actual resort style retreats set up across the countryside of England that cater to mind cleansing and are spreading in popularity.

DSC_2614I love to travel, and my favorite way is with my husband who is as equally down to walk the entire city we are visiting looking for local fare, treasures, culture and history—and maybe the occasional local beverage 😉 But I have to say after looking more into this mind cleansing thing I am thinking of a possible trip in the future that is for the sole purpose of a mind detox.

Let’s talk about what mind cleansing is and why you may consider at least a mini version.

There are many forms of “mind cleansing” and you can attribute many popular things as forms of mind cleansing-yoga, meditation, acupuncture, therapy, massage, etc. What the English are talking about is a bit deeper because lets face it, we are a busy society and it can be extremely challenging or impossible for most to just turn it off.

DSC_2618At a retreat for mind cleansing, there are multiple practitioners each specializing in an area that is designed to clear your mind of all that white noise and to go deeper into what may be causing your anxiety, irregular sleep patterns, or stress.

Think of a period of time (can be anywhere from a long weekend to a month) where you are forced to slow down, come to terms with your past, and are taking measures to heal your body, mind and spirit from anything that has been negatively impacting you. VERY on brand with MSF <3

If you can’t commit to a pilgrimage to England don’t worry, instead I invite you to take 5 easy steps that will give you more clarity, focus and contentment in your day, week, month-depending on your diligence and practice.divider

5 Simple Ways To Cleanse Your Mind

  1. Stretch-set aside five minutes each morning and night to stretch your body. Try feeling the difference in your body when you stretch in the morning versus when you are stretching at night. Pay attention to those areas that need a little more time and focus on breathing into each moment.
  2. Eat mindfully-I talked about mindfulness before and how it can be beneficial when trying to lose weight or be more aware of what your body is telling you, but committing to at least one meal a day where you are mindful will also cleanse your mind and leave room for other things.
  3. Exercise-try sweating more days than not per week. Besides the physical benefit, getting all those wonderful endorphins and keeping your body active will contribute to a fluid and healthy mind.
  4. Meditate-you can find more on meditating from an earlier post but for the purpose of this list try to incorporate a few minutes each day where you are still, alone with your thoughts and focused on your breathing-game changer.
  5. Daydream-it’s easy to forget how beneficial it is to daydream (some people may have even discouraged you against it when you were little). So many magical things happen though when we let our minds wander, if half the pioneers before us didn’t give themselves an opportunity to daydream we would be inhibited in a lot of ways.

dividerSo there you have it. Mind cleansing, it’s a thing and one I encourage you to get on board with. Have you heard or this or tried it before? I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

DSC_2615I am off to spend some time with this husband of mine, we are watching The Leftovers, have you seen it? SO good!

Have a wonderful week!



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