Motivation Monday: Life Is A Marathon

Yesterday was the San Diego Rock-n-Roll Marathon. The route of the marathon winds around neighborhoods surrounding downtown San Diego and is a great time for the locals to come out of their homes and show their support for all the runners.

It’s cool to see the perseverance of all walks of life, young and old, handicap and veteran runners all committed to the same task.

As I was watching the runners pass by, trying to yell words of encouragement, I had a realization of the significance of it all. Sure running a marathon is a feat in itself, but the commitment as a whole is what’s really impressive. The act of actually running 26+ miles is incredible and something to be proud of, but so is the preparation, the hours spent before the race training and conditioning, making sacrifices and choosing to do things that may not have always been the fun or the popular choice but the necessary one to get closer to a goal.

DSC_2712I thought about how similar this seemed to real life, how when you set a goal or have a dream to attain you need to prepare, make sacrifices, and put in the work yourself. No one else is going to run the marathon for you, no one else is going to train for you and no one else is going to be in your head giving you words of encouragement when you need them. It’s all you. And it’s like that in life, in a race, or in anything bigger than you.

So for this Motivation Monday I equate life to a marathon. The old saying applies here, “life is a marathon not a sprint”. It takes time, it takes patience, and it takes perseverance. You don’t have time to learn anything if you are sprinting through and you don’t give yourself the stamina you need to finish if you rush through it. You need to pace yourself, train properly, and put in the work even when it’s hard.

DSC_2713I salute you, all you marathon runners both on the racecourse and on the road of life. We need to support each other, applaud and encourage one another as each person passes a landmark. Who knows when you will be on that final leg and in need for some cheering to help you finish?

dividerHope you have an amazing week ahead. This gloomy weather has me wanting to cuddle up on the couch and watch The Bachelorette with a cup of tea, anyone else?



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