Fit Friday: MSF Slim For Summer Routine

It’s Friday!! Yay, yay, yay. Time for the weekend which hopefully means some rest and relaxation for you all and plenty of time for play. With summer upon us and bathing suits becoming an outfit staple, many of us have begun to work on our summer bodies 😉

DSC_2728If you’re like me you and looking for something short and sweet (so there’s more time to get outdoors and enjoy the gorgeous weather), this one’s for you. I included just the routine to get you summer ready and your workout plan kicked into gear. This series is not only efficient but one that will work your entire body, tightening and toning where it counts, if ya know what I mean!

All you will need is a bench or step and a timer if you prefer to be strict on timing. So head over to a park or your backyard and get to sweatin!

dividerMSF Slim For Summer Routine

Warm Up

25 jumping jacks

25 mountain climbers

25 walking alternating lunges

15 jump squats

15 skaters

Step ups-stand with feet shoulder width apart and facing your bench. Step with right foot on top of the bench (make sure your entire foot is on the bench and you have room on either side). Step up with your left to meet your right and slowly step off with your right foot and then with your left to starting position. Repeat as quickly (and safely) as you can for 2 minutes.


Bridge-lay on ground with feet on top of bench hip width apart. With your shoulders back and down and palms pressing to the ground, slowly lift up into a bridge position and hold at top (squeezing your glutes). Do 15 reps and on the last rep pulse (slowly lifting and lowering your hips halfway) for an additional 15 reps. Repeat process with one leg in the air for more of a challenge.

DSC_2732Push-up-face bench with arms shoulder width apart on the edge of the bench. In push-up/plank position with abs engaged and hips level push away from the bench and slowly lower to starting position. Do 15 reps without stopping (if possible).

Tri-cep dip-sit on edge of bench with hands on either side gripping bench edge, walk feet out into a 90 degree angle. Slowly lower body in bent position with elbows close to body facing back. Do 15 reps. Repeat one more time.

DSC_2738Side plank-place right forearm on bench and stack legs to lift into side plank position. Hold side plank for 1 minute and then pulse for 15 reps. Repeat on other side.

Be sure to cool down and stretch! This is important to keep us safe, injury-free and to get those long lean muscles and flexibility everyone is after!divider

Have a great weekend everyone and hoping you get to fit in some time for your health and wellness. I am going to listen to my body as I am still recovering from a nasty virus so will be laying low and recuperating.

I’m off to cuddle with fur baby and catch up on some emails and reading. Maybe I’ll even get wild and make a cup of tea 😉



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