Motivation Monday: Fathers, Modern Day Heroes

This Motivation Monday is dedicated to some pretty important people that motivate us to be our best selves. It’s Monday, the start to a fresh week and one where we get to pay homage to the modern day heroes in our lives, dads. Fathers, mentors, husbands, brothers, uncles, there are many forms of what a father can mean to someone and it is something that is unique to each person.

We would be in a very different place if we didn’t have these special men in our lives. It’s crucial to have a solid figure you can turn to when faced with hard decisions or a tough circumstance for guidance and perspective. Teachers, mentors, public figures, neighbors, friends, and family there are numerous variations of who can take this role on in your life.

06_Reception-300I count my blessings when I think of who this figure is in my life because luckily enough all these descriptions mentor, teacher, family, someone I look up to is all wrapped up into one person, my Dad. He has done more for me than simply giving me life. Along the way he has shown patience, and diligence in every lesson I’ve had to learn and every opportunity I’ve presented to him where I needed direction and wisdom.

When I think of strength both physically and mentally I think of my Dad. When I think of perseverance and sacrifice, I think of my Dad. When I think of the one human in my life that secretly holds superpowers, it’s 100% my Dad. He saw the capability in me when I assumed I was incapable and always pushed me to succeed in everything I committed to.

06_Reception-323I was a better athlete, student, employee and person because of all he taught and continues to teach me. My life lessons are far from being finished and I am so thankful I can turn to my Dad, who is the ideal representation of character, integrity and success.

dividerWishing all the Dad’s out there, in whatever capacity this means, the very best week and weekend ahead as you deserve more than a day of recognition for the impact you have on each us on a daily basis.

And to my Dad, my hero, thank you for making the world a little less scary.



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  1. I would sure love to meet this dad of yours, sounds like someone who is very special and given too much credit for having such a beautiful and successful young woman as you are!

    He seems like the kind of person who would love to get up early and make pancakes for you on Sunday mornings!


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