Motivation Monday: Facetime

Happy Monday everybody, I hope this post finds you fresh off a fun-filled weekend. As I mentioned before, I am starting off my summer with some travel and spending time with family, two of my favorite things!

I’m making a point to try and document more of my days in Instagram stories (tougher than it seems!) and remembering to include any useful tips or tricks any of you may be interested in (let me know if there’s something you’re missing!). So I am finding my phone in my hand more and my nose in a screen. I mentioned the importance of taking a hiatus from technology every now and then and just how important it is for your health to disconnect.

DSC_2797With all this time spent on my phone I became more aware of others, holding screens, typing on screens, looking at screens, instead of each other. This was a great reminder that I was lacking face time.

I don’t mean, Facetime like the video conferencing you do on your smartphone, I’m talking about putting down your device and connecting with others through physical contact and eye contact. Being able to gauge someone’s feelings by their facial expression, not their emoji.

Of course being connected has its advantages including efficiency and multi-tasking (hello online shopping & hands-free calling). But we are missing that human connection, the feeling of someone really being present when you’re having a conversation instead of competing with social media or gaming apps.

DSC_2799Saturday I was planning on doing some recipe testing, researching and writing for some posts in preparation for the busy summer ahead. Instead I chose to cut down my to-do list and only work on it for the first half of the day and commit the rest to time with Tyler. We decided to go to dinner at one of our favorite Thai restaurants (one we used to frequent when we lived closer to the beach) and walk by the water together which we hadn’t done in TOO LONG.

DSC_2796It felt amazing to connect back through conversation and good old fashioned hand holding because lets face it, we’re all busy and everything is moving so fast that we sometimes forget how nice it is to slow down and enjoy the view.

So I motivate you on this Motivation Monday to pick a day or an hour, whatever you can make time for, to reconnect with someone over face time (not Facetime!) and see what a difference it makes in your relationship, your outlook, or your overall day. I’m sure you’ll love the results 🙂

In the meantime have a beautiful week! I can’t wait to share all the fun things coming up this summer.

Off to spend some quality time face to face with my family.



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