Wellness Wednesday: Travel Well

Hello and happy hump day! As I mentioned before, my summer travel is in full swing and the last thing I need is to be slowed down by any illness or inefficiency. Packing correctly is an art and when done correctly can change the vibe of your trip.

I thought it would be useful to include some of my go-to tips I use when traveling that help me stay well and healthy on the road as well as efficient in my packing.divider

MSF Tips To Travel Well

  1. Build a defense-keeping your body fueled with the right nutrients and vitamins before your travel is just as important as when you’re on your trip. Putting the right fuel in before you leave will give your immune system a better chance to fight off anything you come across, especially when your defenses are down during travel.
  2. Hydrate-travel (flying especially) dehydrates our bodies. It is extremely important to keep hydrated with water and be mindful that coffee or alcoholic beverages will only contribute to the issue when in the air. Double your normal fluid intake and replace any dehydrating beverage with water.
  3. Detox-nothing says vacation like a cute cocktail on a beach, but save the fruity drink for when you land. Drinks on a flight or in the airport are nowhere near the quality you will be getting at the resort your flying to, and will only contribute to unhealthy habits en route (over snacking, dehydration, empty calories, irregular sleep, nausea).
  4. Protect-your seat (on a plane, train, bus, etc.) is your home for the duration of your travel so it is within your right to protect it. I take portable wipes to wipe down the buttons, arm rest, tray table, anything I will be touching for any length of time (as well as the hundreds before me).
  5. Stretch-it is extremely important to move your body in some form every hour or so. If you can’t get up to stretch or walk around, just rolling your ankles and wrists around and changing the position of your legs will help with circulation and prevent any clotting or stagnation.
  6. Sleep-getting as much sleep pre trip and on your trip will keep your defenses up and your mind sharp. Be sure to plan ahead so you start your trip off with quality sleep, and make a point to get a sleep schedule to keep you healthy all trip long.
  7. Sweat-the best cure for jet lag or tiredness is a sweat sesh. I know it may seem like the last thing you feel like doing, but sweating it out will get your blood pumping, stretch out your muscles and send endorphins when you need them the most. The actual sweating will also detox your body from anything it may have picked up along the way.
  8. Minimalist-it’s so hard for women especially with all our accessories, fashion and beauty products to pack minimally but it’s actually a life saver. Being deliberate about what I am going to need and use allows me to get rid of 2/3 of the pile I was going to pack and I am a happier traveler for it. Heavy bags and decisions about what to wear or re-pack is never fun on the road.
  9. Versatility-this goes along with minimally packing, I try to choose items that I will wear more than once. For example if I am packing white shorts, I make sure there are 2-3 tops I can wear with them and two pairs of shoes that can rotate between the outfits (wearing the same shoes is never good for a walking trip, no matter how comfortable).
  10. Mini-size-I like to hit up Sephora, Ulta or Amazon to find the regular beauty products I use in travel size. I even pick up my favorite perfume in the smallest size.divider

Things always in my bag

-facial/makeup wipes-these are essential for long flights or when I am on a red eye and need to remove anything from my face before I sleep. I like the yes to cucumber brand for travel because the cucumbers are refreshing and help with puffiness.

DSC_2782-sunblock-I am always thinking about sun protection when I am traveling because I am usually outside more and need to shield my skin and lips from the elements.

-dry shampoo-this is a lifesaver after a long day of travel and I need a quick refresh before I hit my final destination. The travel size is perfect to throw in my carryon and all I need to do is spray and tousle and I feel so much better.

DSC_2785-facial products-the first thing I do when I get to my hotel or where we are staying is wash my face. There is something about washing away the day’s travel that is necessary. After I wash my face with a good cleanser, I like to apply a hydrating or detoxifying mask, whichever the day calls for and follow it will a thick moisturizer (never enough hydration while traveling!) or BB/CC cream.

-eye drops-as I mentioned, traveling is dehydrating and I feel it most in my eyes. I always carry single use eye drops so I can use them mid flight or when I land and need to combat dry or itchy eyes.

DSC_2787– essential oils-I try to stay away from medication when I’m traveling (and in general) when I can so I like to pack single use essential oil packets. I get them from the supplier I get my oils from but they can be found at most health food stores or online. If I feel a headache coming on I rub a little peppermint behind my ears and voila!

-hand sanitizer-I don’t like to overdue it on anti-bacterial products because I feel like a little bacteria is good for you, but I also think there’s a time and a place. If a passenger is sneezing in their hands and then handing me their recycling to pass to the flight attendant, you better believe I am spraying sanitizer on my hands before I eat my apple.

DSC_2781-wisps-if you haven’t tried these yet I am so excited for you. It’s not ideal brushing your teeth on a flight but sometimes if it’s long enough you just need to freshen up those pearly whites. Wisps are great to use on the go when you need to freshen up.

dividerPhew! That was a lot of info but hopefully it is useful for any of my fellow travelers out there. Where are you going this summer? I’d love to hear!



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